Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


I PROMISE THAT IF YOU WATCH THE FIRST 13 EPISODES BEFORE JUDGING YOU WONT REGRET IT! Steven Universe was the one Cartoon Network show I did not give a chance at first. I watched one episode that didn't hook me because I did not have the background to appreciate the great moments in the show, but after watching Cartoon Network show after show go downhill (Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go) I decided to watch the first 10 and then decide. I spent the rest of that summer day marathoning this show! It was amazing! It took me 3 days to watch over 60 episodes and then I eagerly awaited more. This show deserves to be in the top four current ones alongside of Gravity Falls, Star V.S. the Forces of Evil, and Rick & Morty.

In the 21st century, where cartoons are getting more developed with plots that even threaten to outwit anime, Steven Universe should go straight high along with other great shows like Gravity Falls. Steven Universe handles some great issues in society, such as dictatorship and individuals being pressured. It has creative character designs, beautiful pastel animation, awesome story lines and plots, and most importantly, the emotion & link between the characters. If there is one thing Steven Universe taught me, it's that "perfect" doesn't exist. No one is perfect, and yet we get along with it, and are happy with it. This is the masterpiece of modern cartoons, and even more, the important lesson upon the modern universe.

If you appreciate art, modern and absolutely brilliant art, falling deeply in love with passionate characters, and drowning in positiveness and a love for life, you will love this show. If you love getting lost in fantasy worlds, one that you wish existed and abilities larger than life, you will love this show. If you love the carefree lifestyle, pressure less and secure, free of regular concerns where people can belt out songs whenever they like, you will love this show. If you love the innocence and curiosity of childhood, you will love this show.

Nothing else like this exists. It is a discourse on love, understanding, tolerance, friendship, loyalty, bravery, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit! This show is everything it means to be human, and invokes the very best qualities of humanity. It accounts for our weaknesses, and shows us how even the smallest and weakest among us can and should stand tall against tyranny and adversity alike, for the sake of others and oneself, one's soul. To put it in the simplest, most modern terms I can conjure:

I must say steven universe is THE NUMBER 1 BEST Cartoon in the world. I Believe that most people underestimate this show because of his low pitch voice a his body, but here's the thing steven is no ordinary boring boy who cries a lot and all he is a very interesting and yet entertaining person to watch. At season 1 he tries to find a way on how to use his mysterious gem powers and as the seasons went higher he learnt on how to use and control his powers. IF YOU WATCH THIS SHOW I PROMISE, YOU SHALL NOT REGRET IT AT ALL. And it teaches you about gems, like the characters names like pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, jasper, lapis lazuli, paridot, rose and the diamonds too are all real gem stones. And lastly on my list this show has a lot of mood swings like being angry, sad, happy, disappointments and more. So that is why you must watch it. please watch it.

I know why people don't watch it because they only watched the trailer. But it's more than amazing. It is funny, mind blowing, outstanding, heart touching, a masterpiece, good, and deserves to be in the top! Rebecca Sugar (creator of Steven Universe and one of the directors of Adventure Time) is a genius and creative. And wait until you hear the songs that she wrote. So please please watch this brilliant cartoon. And you will regret not putting this in the top 10.

Steven universe is literally one of my favorite cartoons of all. When I first found out about Steven universe and how much attention it got from social media I thought this was going to be another boring, dumb overrated cartoon network show... But man how wrong I was after watching some episodes of season one and two, Steven universe is a literal masterpiece, it has the most amazing well developed plots and character along with catchy music played by the creator Rebecca sugar I've seen a lot of cartoons but this one is just gorgeous (p. 's yes I know the Fandom is quite atrocious at times and I know that's what drives people away but, please give this show a try)

Yeah, the few episodes may have been not that good, like, I could watch them, but it would make me sick to my stomach thinking this is how it started, but the writing and story has gotten way better, all the way starting from jailbreak, and I know what you thinking, lapis lazuli was amazing! That should be when everything started getting good, to what I say, yeah, it got much better than the state it was in, but even after that I was just a once in a while viewer. When jailbreak came I was like, yeah, this show will now be watched twenty four hours a day for the rest of my life. It really has grown. The art style, the story, the emotions you feel. The gems are all amazing characters! Steven has a great personality, and Connie is a great supporting character, or main character, whatever you think. And the characters have a lot of depth. I think they should play it more on cartoon network, instead of taking up times slots with a pointless reboot. *cough* teen titans go *cough* I thnk ...more

(Wow, I hate seeing a masterpiece like this way below #10) The characters in this show are all amazing. Pearl is graceful, Garnet is cool, Amethyst is fun, and Steven is relatable; The side characters are also really well written, everyone in the show is three dimensional. The animation is fluid, the jokes are actually funny and not bland. The show is just beautiful and amazing. I recommend this to almost anyone.

This is such an amazing and inspirational show. It got me out of my depression. If you like anime, or your an anime fan, I guarantee you'll like this show. Also, it's the perfect blend of action, magic, romance, music, friendship, and comedy. The songs, character designs, and cast of this show are all amazing and breathtaking. Once you get hooked on this show, it will become one of your favorite shows. It's better than Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, AND Star vs The Forces Of Evil. It's also for all ages, so kids, teenagers and adults can all love and enjoy this show. - Stevenuniversefangirl

This is a show I can watch an episode about 15 times and never get tired of. The whole cast is interesting and the animation is great. Storylines never seem copied or unoriginal, and it doesn't seem to pander to any specific group. The show is possibly the best show I've ever seen, and will likely stay there for a long time.

This show is really set apart from most current Cartoon Network shows. It has a wonderful story, and even better lessons. They teach on equality, giving people a second chance, kindness, and standing up for what you love. Great fight scenes, and even better plot lines. Can't wait to see where this "gem" of a cartoon goes.

Everything about this show is beautiful the soundtrack, the art, the characters, the story, also this show is based off of the creator's childhood and her brother is the inspiration for the main character, I don't know if this is the best cartoon but it certainly deserves a mention

How the freak is his so low?!?!? This should be in the top ten it's better than adventure time and regular show because it has more action jokes and better storyline that the show actually follows. I liked regular show and adventure time before but now they are crap I hate regular show its retarted and adventure time is kinda funny but no action now a days it's so slow.

There are really no words to describe how amazing Steven Universe is. If you haven't watched it, you should. But, make sure to watch the episodes in order. This is one of the few cartoons where you can actually be lost if you don't watch all the episodes.

This show is literally a gem! Only a handful of shows come close to its animation and story! The character Steven is an amazing well developed character and the rest of his supporting cast is almost if not just as amazing as himself. This should be higher on the list!

Should be top 10, it deals with such important issues that other shows don't dare to touch on. Amazing songs, characters and animation - so much work is put into this and the output is incredible!

This show is great and the story line is interesting, the art style is great, the songs are amazing and best of all: The Characters. The characters are all lovable and relatable. My favourite character is Green Dorito who is the most relatable fictional character I have ever seen in my whole life. I'm quirky, intelligent and short and so is she. I also like to believe that she is autistic just like me, because she accidentally upsets her friends sometimes, and she even comes from a differrnt planet, but is smart and quirky too. - Lunala

I love Steven Universe! It makes me feel like I'm younger than my real age! It has that plots and surprises that will also make adults at any age love this show. This show is AMAZING. This show has many lessons to learn from and many scenes to laugh and cry at. If you plan on watching this show, trust me, this show is adorable!

This is one of the best shows I've ever seen. It has a great story plot, its touching and heartfelt, it has AMAZING songs and its all around beautiful and creative. No way its 19!

Amazing. I'm not one of those psychotic fans who go crazy because something is wrong with a picture, but this is honestly my favourite show. The characters, songs and story are all very extensive and full of depth. - Shemh3

Although in the first few episodes it might look like the only interesting thing that happens in this world is fight after fight from colourful monsters, the show has lots of depth and is pretty serious as well. It deserves to be higher up on the list. Some of the fandom is a bit rabid, but the show itself has relatable characters and the songs are amazing.

Why the hell is Steven Universe this low down in the list. It deserves to at least be in the top ten: animation, jokes, characters and storyline are all amazing, especially in season 2 after developing further.

This is unacceptable! Not even in the top 20?! - Sassy13crown

It's hard to describe it's based on one of my favorite video game franchises (the legend of zelda) it has great fight scenes huge twists it's just a great show for all ages and I love it to death