Top Ten Best Cinematographers

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1 Vittorio Storaro

He is the best cinematographer in the world, because he is the God of chiaroscuro!

2 Roger Deakins

The man has 11 oscar nominations and no win what is going on Hollywood!?

His work in many movies amazes me

The absolute master. When he needs to disappear into the background and let the story tell itself, he does so while maintaining well formed images. When he needs to grab your attention, he does so with as much beauty and capability as any in his field.
His abilities with lighting are brilliant, and each shot is framed to perfection. He is able to slip genres from thriller, to comedy, to war, and can wow whether in black and white or colour.
He is proficient in his trade, with a long list of notable films, from "Shawshank Redemption", "Skyfall", and "No Country for Old Men", and has been working steadily in the industry for over 40 years. He is as reliable as they come, and continues to develop his craft, never being satisfied with relying on old techniques.
He is truly the master, and deserves to top this list.

3 Conrad Hall
4 Christopher Doyle
5 Gordon Willis
6 Sven Nykvist
7 Sergei Urusevsky
8 Janusz Kaminski
9 Emmanuel Lubezki
10 Vilmos Zsigmond

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11 Kazuo Miyagawa
12 Santhosh Sivan

Eye catching.. Stunning... Unbelievable work of... Santhosh sivan is a gifted person in the field of cinematography.. We can see it in his works. There is no doubt

This indian cinematographer makes movie look much bigger than it's original budget, what a tremendous beauty and graceful style they are!

Amazing... Tremendous.. Extra ordinary work of cinematography... He reveals the beauty of Indian culture... And creates the vastness of art...

He is great

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13 John Toll
14 Nestor Almendros
15 Ed Lachman
16 Wally Pfister

Why isn't he at the top? Haven't you people seen The Dark Knight?

17 Robert Richardson

Robert richardson maintains his own style of cinemotography making the powerful impact on the visuals...

18 Matthew Libatique
19 Carlo Di Palma
20 Willy Hameister

The cinematographer for the 191 "Cabinet of Dr. Caligary." I think he did some Nazi olympics stuff too. Genious! but messed up.

21 Guillermo del Toro

He makes tremendous visual impact using vivid colors and worth seeing framing

22 Freddie Young
23 John Seale
24 Nicolas Roeg
25 John Alcott

What he did on Stanley Kubrick's movies is simply astonishing!

26 Jordan Cronenweth
27 Tonino Delli Colli

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Once Upon a Time in The West
La Vita e Bella - Gaspar

28 Owen Roizman
29 Adam Holender

The best! Midnight Cowboy. Smoke. Brooklyn Boogie. Classic

30 Tak Fujimoto
31 Darius Khondji
32 Jeff Cronenweth
33 Tom Stern
34 Freddie Francis
35 Haskell Wexler
36 Laszlo Kovacs
37 William Fraker
38 Caleb Deschanel
39 Michael Chapman
40 Robert Surtees
41 Bruce Surtees
42 Robby Muller
43 Dick Bush
44 David Watkin
45 Anthony Dod Mantle
46 Eric Gautier
47 Jack Cardiff
48 Geoffrey Unsworth
49 Anthony Richmond
50 Giuseppe Rotunno
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