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21 USC

My brother goes here and this college is the best

22 Alabama
23 Pennsylvania State University

Gets a bad rep, but is a great school

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24 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

One of the toughest exams in the world by any standard. In Top 5 toughest exams in world by many of reputed international magazines and studies.

IIT Mumbai is the best college in Asia!

India's number 1 University

Fight with 3 million contenders, excell in a course which contains nearly 193 chapters of advanced level, clear JEE Mains and Advanced, be one of the top 200 of all the 3 Million students. And you end up here. - vivek0305

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25 Kent State Ashtabula
26 University of Arkansas
27 Rice University
28 University of Pennsylvania
29 Texas

UT is the best school in Texas for most fields. For mine (finance/accounting), it's considered by many to be the best in the world.

All I can say is hook 'em

Texas a&m is the best

30 New York University
31 Imperial College London
32 University of the Visayas - Philippines University of the Visayas - Philippines The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

One of the best Colleges in the Philippines - nes

33 University of Helsinki
34 Oklahoma State University
36 University of Kansas
37 Catholic University of Milan

The Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Milan is the biggest private university in Europe and the biggest and one of the most famous Catholic universities in the world.

38 Birla Institute of Technology and Science
39 University of North Carolina

They have a stuiped foot as a mastscut

40 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.
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