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41 University of Florida

Best football team and academics

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42 Baylor University

Baylor is the best people! Get the facts straight.

43 Biola University

It is a Christian college. One of the best. - Stanford2014

44 West Virginia University
45 Auburn
46 Cornell University

This is among the most prestigious colleges in the country, it should have a place in the Top Ten.

How is this number 78? Ivy league schools should at least be top 20.

It is a Ivy League school.

I went to Cornell...
Ever heard of it?
-Andrew Bernard (Nard-Dog) - guitarwiz1964

47 Banaras Hindu University
48 Wheaton University

It is the best College. It is in Chicago!

It's Wheaton College

Go Wheaton

49 Arizona State
50 Illinois
51 McGill University

I can't actually process that none of you entered this great university in the list.. Situated in the beautiful city of Montreal. McGill University est Fantastique!

52 University of Maryland - College Park

MD is a great school! Go Terps

53 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
54 Texas Tech University

The name says it all, it's a tech school in Texas, need I say more?

55 Oral Roberts
56 California Polytechnic University
57 Bocconi University
58 University of Milan
59 Lund University

I'm an Indian. LOL! If you know what I mean..

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60 Tennessee
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