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61 Temple University
62 Michigan State University

Great campus, great people great sport, and great school.

Should be around michgan rankking - AlmigtyTiger18

63 George Mason University

My dad got his masters here

64 United States Military Academy at West Point
65 Syracuse University

This is where I'm going to college to get my masters, maybe a PhD in library science. - Merilille

66 University California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Why isn't this higher? This is a GREAT university! It has just what Los Angeles is known for, movie making, and it's the best in the nation at it. It also has great programs for the science fields, and my aunt is a proffeser in video game designing there! How sweet is that? And they also have great sport teams! I want to go to UCLA sooo bad! :D

This is where I want to go

It's not higher because UCLA, just the abbreviation, is higher, in the 30s to clarify - Ethansics

67 California State University, Sacramento
68 Oglethorpe University
69 University of South Florida
70 University Of Windsor

my brother got his diploma there and now he's goin to med school THAT UNIVERSITY IS NICEEEEEEEEEE!

71 University of Virginia
72 Southern Illinois University
73 Colegio de San Juan de Letran
74 Lipa City Colleges
75 University of Lugano
76 University of Bologna
77 International Electronics and Technical Institute
78 St. Dominic College of Asia
79 Florida State
80 Missouri
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