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81 Texas A&M

Good for getting involved in the military.

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82 Louisville
83 Clemson

Clemson is THE best

84 Berklee College of Music
85 University of Miami
86 Florida International University
87 Case Western Reserve

O. K I don't even know if this is a REALLY good school but I live really close to it

88 Abada College - Pinamalayan
89 Daffodil International College
90 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
91 Miami University (Ohio)
92 Indiana University

Oh Indiana oh Indiana oh Indiana we're all for you

106! Are you serious they have amazing law school

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93 Union Collage (NY)
94 Ayrshire College
95 United States Naval Academy
96 United States Air Force Academy
97 Greenville Technical College

I can smoke so much dope! It's amazing!

98 University of Kentucky

Best College out there, and great basketball program.

99 University of California, Davis V 1 Comment
100 University of Manchester
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