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101 University of Manchester
102 Indian Institute of Management, Indore
103 Devry University
104 Washington State University

WSU all the way baby! Why is McGill University in here and not Washington State on here? And University of Bologna is not a college! B)

105 Carthage College
106 Bob Jones University

You won't find better students who will make you feel more at home anywhere else. The education is phenomenal but so are the life lessons taught there. I would take Bob Jones over Harvard any day.

107 NED University V 1 Comment
108 California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

I'm not even in 9th grade and I'm planning to go there JUST because Alex Hirsch went there! - dipperpinesfangirl618

109 Radford University

We will out party any school. ANY school.

110 North Carolina State
111 Carnegie Mellon University
112 Savannah College of Art and Design
113 Santa Barbara College
114 Northeastern University
115 Wyoming Catholic College

It's an adventurer's college. Horseback riding and mountaineering are actually part of the core curiculum. Try finding that anywhere else! - KnightofLight

116 Utah State Aggies Utah State Aggies
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