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41 Club Nintendo

Princess Peach is just a bald woman who has a very hard time taking her fake hair (which is a wig) off. Also, Princess Daisy deserved to be in mre stuff than Princess Peach.

42 Sonic the Comic
43 Overboard
44 Pickles

Saw the list in the newspaper. To not include this strip is an insult to every one over 50 and there are a lot of us.

The older I get, the more relevant and humorous this strip becomes.


45 Opus
46 Mutts

Mutts comics are so awesome to read and enjoy I really think that mutts sould be on top and finally I think it's better than these comic strips because mutts is going to be turned into a full length feature movie by blue sky studios

This comic strip is funny and cute. I personally think it's better than a lot of these comic strips on this list

47 Close to Home
48 Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

There is NEVER a bad Brewster comic. - anonymous

He cracks me up every time!

49 Gunston Street

I think it's a great daily Cartoon, I've never searched and I still enjoy it allot, I think this strip is going to be big! Must read!

Awesome! It's definitely for the military type, but I still enjoy it!

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50 Jim's Journal

Anti-humor at it's finest.

51 The Wizard of Od

It's ID!

Id, not Od.

52 Baby Blues

Ever read it? If you have not, you don't read the newspaper. I don't think it's better than Calvin and Hobbes, or the far side, or dilbert, or Garfield, but it's still one of the best comics ever.

Baby Blues should be way higher than this!

53 Pooch Cafe
54 Footrot Flats

Loved reading this as a kid

55 Life In Hell

That's what I'm talking about! It will b put in my franchise.

56 Krazy Kat
57 Sad Sack
58 The Family Circus

This is pure bull. No wonder Pastis mocks this the most. - Drawbox

Should be number 1

59 F Minus
60 Heart of the City
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