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1 Ice Cream Sundae

Just original

There's a really good local place near my house. Their sundaes are the best I know of. - Cyri

Ice cream is my spirit animal

A big hunk of icecream

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2 Cheesecake

Yes daddy

My favorite cheesecake is plain, I don't know why.

It's perfectly soft, moist, creamy, and delicious. This should be 1st.

I would sacrifice my children and wife just for a piece of Cheesecake!

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3 Brownies

There's just nothing like the smell of fresh baking brownies in the oven.

A brownie cheesecake with ice cream on top was the best thing I ever had.

Unlike soft cakes that make me feel nausesous, brownies is just perfect.

There so moist

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4 Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

How is this not #1?

Can't beat the classic chocolate chip cookie... Melty chocolate chips, chewy, warm dough, and top it with vanilla ice cream... Oh, that's the best of both worlds!

My mom's rules all - TealBoyxx

I love the soft ones sooo much! Not chips ahoy, because they are pretty hard.

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5 Apple Pie


mmm mmm - harrypotter1

*somebody buys apple pie* me: JUST GIMME THE PIE! - LAURENRL

Blech, I hate all fruit - RedTheGremlin

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6 Chocolate Cake

Warm and amazing!

Hot fude cholate cake is to die for

So great #2 - harrypotter1

M chocolate lava cakes are the bomb! Nothing else like em

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7 Cupcakes

My homemade chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate ganache and melted marshmallow inside is what I would eat for the rest of my life! - Swiftdawn

oh yes - harrypotter1

Cupcakes have different flavors and are still so delicious when they're gluten free fat free etc.! You can even make an awesome birthday cake out of them. And they come in the most DELICIOUS FLAVORS!

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! It's good because it's a little cake all for yourself. You don't have to share with your family and get one tiny piece.

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8 Ice Cream

it so good

Ice-cream with whipped cream! Or ice-cream puffs! - CherylS

Call me a weirdo, but I've always wanted to try bacon flavor ice cream!

Lol nobody thinks you're a weirdo don't worry! (at least I don't think you're a weirdo) - LAURENRL

It's weird why not many people voted for ice cream, but it is probably because that ice cream sundaes are considered as ice cream.

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9 Tiramisu

What is Tiramisu?

Best dessert ever!

so nice

Simple construction but complexity of flavour

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10 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie ain't getting enough love...

Uhhh. better than banana splits...

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11 Banana Split

A perfectly ripe banana with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, along with bits of strawberry and chocolate, with a Carmel drizzle. Not drooling already? Then you dead to me.

Better then pumpkin pie - LAURENRL

it is HUGE I like it with a real banana thats why its called banana split

The banana split is tasty

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12 Ice Cream Cake

mmm mmm - harrypotter1

Just like cookie cake it is a combination of ice cream and cake.

What could be better than two ABSOLUTLEY SCRUMPTIOUS desserts in one?

13 Cake

Oh yes should be top ten - harrypotter1

I am getting hungrier and hungrier... - LAURENRL

It is super tasty and really cool.

14 McFlurry

Ummm this should not be all the way in 19 - baezmya000

Love it. I love the M&M flavoured one in Australia. I think they also have a crushed oreo one too!

I love the galaxy one - LAURENRL

Nobody voted it because it is just basically ice cream.

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15 Chocolate Fudge Cake

Why isn't this in the top 3? I mean, its is FUDGE cake people.

Even rashid said

16 Gelato

Delicious dumbos


I love gelato and I’m not Italian

so creamy!

17 Muffin

mmm mmm - harrypotter1


Muffin > cupcake

18 Treacle Pudding
19 Trifle

Trifle is the bomb! I love how the raspberry jelly mixes with the sweet bread crumbs, the custard, cream and of course extra raspberries on top, maybe a few glaced cherries... m

20 Donut

Now I want a donut.

Just tell me a person who hates these awesome donuts

These are the best, especially chocolate glazed - harrypotter1

Should be top 10 - harrypotter1

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21 Creme Brulee

I love creme brulee; I would get hugely fat if it was offered is hands down the best dessert ever.


I used to be a chocolate person... but Creme Brulee really grew on me T.T

yes - harrypotter1

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22 Boston Cream Donut
23 Brownie Sundae

oh yas - harrypotter1

24 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

With caramel

I love it it should have more then 1 percent it is my favorite

Dark chocolate especially - Camaro6

I love choclateee

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25 Turkish Baklava

Yes they're so good - gabbi

I like the Greek version better

Best dessert in the world, if you didn't try yet, you will not see the best! - com21

Best dessert ever.

26 Profiteroles


Love them. once had a mountain of them drizzled with warm chocolate.

27 Chocolate Lava Cake

Oh it's delish - harrypotter1

Is the best, especially the warm chocolate liquid that’s inside the cake. - HoldenFanatic

*somebody tries to take a piece of chocolate lava cake* me: HANDS OFF ITS MINE! - LAURENRL

That feeling when you cut into the warm cake and the chocolate fudge flows out... BEST FEELING EVER. If the baker bakes it right, it's the perfect dessert and have some Vanilla Ice cream right by it so equalize the flavor. PERFECTION

28 Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite. Pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on top. Delicious! - wsl777

Pecan pie, best pie ever. Pie best dessert ever.

29 Apple Crumble

mmm mmm - harrypotter1

This is technically the same as apple pie lol - LAURENRL

30 Angel Food Cake
31 Cherry Pie

So yummy... - LAURENRL

32 Strawberry Shortcake

Love it

Why is this so low? - LAURENRL

33 Red Velvet Cake

Excellent but the red dye is bad for you.

34 Eclair Cakes
35 Anmitsu
36 Loukoumades
37 Cinnamon Roll

Are u kidding me? This is the best dessert ever! The glazed icing on the top over a delicious soft cinnamon roll. It's a sticky bun! Delicious. I could eat this every day

38 Crepes

Amazing, perfect with ice cream and strawberries

Nothing more like a French crepe

39 Moon Cakes
40 Lemon Squares

So so good... - LAURENRL

41 Oreo Pie

mmm mmm - harrypotter1

God god

Oreo's are a gift from God! Love to eat them while having a surf!

M I'm in heaven

42 Banana Pudding
43 Flan


My culture eats Flan.i'm Honduran

44 Fudge
45 Vanilla Cake

This is better than crappy choclate cake

46 Pie

Cherry pie - Camaro6

mmm mmm - harrypotter1

Apple's the best pie - LAURENRL

My favorite pies are blueberry pie and apple pie.

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47 Cookie Dough Ice Cream
48 Marble Cake
49 Chocolate Doughnut

My life is chocolate, literally lights are shining from the sky it's my AHHH moment

50 Boston Cream Pie
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