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41 Macedonian Flag

It was voted second best flag behind Bhutan's in 2002 by Almanac, a famous world information publisher. I think it looks pretty kick-ass!

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42 Rising Sun Flag

In the talk heard recently, It's one of some Talismans against the K*r*a*s.

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43 Kiribati

Kiribati's flag is SO beautiful because it has a bird flying over the sunset and over the

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44 Danish Flag

The cross style flag is one, if not the most used flag designs world wide, all originating from the danish flag "Dannebrog". Had it not been for this flag, other flags across the world would've looked completely different. That makes the flag of Denmark the worlds best flag in my opinion. - dansendebaby

The simplicity. The colours. The combination. Everything about the danish flag, Dannebrog, is great. Red and white goes hand in hand, and you never get tired of having your eyes on it. One of the nicest flags in the world if you ask me.

45 Scotland Flag

The coolest flag this world ever seen and one of the oldest country flag in the world

46 Italian

So pretty. Most of my family's Italian. I love the flag.

47 Antigua & Barbuda

This flag is truly awesome. If you've ever been to Antigua and Barbuda, you will see that the flag perfectly depicts the beautiful sunsets. Truly, it should be second after the Union Jack.

48 Maldives
49 Somali Flag

I also sure. No one can not hide this forever. Because every one know Somalia flag has the best sign of the world.

Somalia LONG LIVE'

100% I do agree that somali flag it easy to remember I am not somali but just check before while ago when I see the name of Somalia

This is the best flag in the word because its look like as sky and have star in the center

I'm not Somalian but I think it's the best flag in the word

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50 Zimbabwe

Pride right here mate! - AGK

51 Peace Flag

It makes all people happy. Who don't want peace?

52 European Union Flag
53 England Flag
54 Israeli Flag

I like the Israeli flag... It is straight forward indication to David Star

55 Malaysia

Quite same to the US flag but more meaningful

Malaysia's flag look like the Liberian flag".

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56 United Nations Flag
57 Lebanon

Hell ya it has the nicest addition of colors and a beautiful tree (the cedar tree) which has so much history behind it. From first being used to build the first boats in the world to helping build Soloman's Temple. As for the red represented the blood shed from its people, beginning in the 75's were the Civil war had started and 1000's of people died and never forgetting the military and militia that had to fight back Isreal out of its country. Last but not least its white, For it's courage the courage for such a small country to fight of countries such as America, Isreal, Syria, Etc... Therefore a beautiful combination of all three colors all combined to make the nicest flag in the WORLD!

58 Bangladesh Flag

The red part of this flag represents the bloodshed suffered during the liberation. The green represents evergreen Bangladesh.

Most meaningful flag, red represents struggle for freedom and green represents the lush greenness of this beautiful country

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59 Indonesian Flag

Indonesia is the best. In Indonesia Flag Red means Brave and White means Pure seems pretty bravery flag

Simple made easy to recognize. by the way Indonesian flag twinned with Monaco flag.

Simple but, very great flag (i won't telling about history from this flag that I call bendera merah putih because I hate history) - ComelCumil

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60 France

Blue, white, red the best colors like Union Jack or US flag.

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