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The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.


CATS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! They are way better than dogs. I have four cats and one fish. Cats: Twinkle (girl) Boo (boy) Katie (girl) and Lucy (girl). Fish: Autumn (boy). I grew up with Twinkle and Boo (brother and sister) so that's how I think I love cats so much. Cats are my favorite animal in whole world. Wild cats, house cats, and stray cats. All cats. All cats are cute!

Cats are so very lovable! They cuddle with you all the time even when you are sad! My cat was this way until she died! She died yesterday and I will never forget they way she was lovable to me! Kittens are the cutest and are playful and lots of fun too! Yes, dogs can be fun but kittens/cats are way better than a dog will ever be! Oh, one last thing, cats are able to fit in you arms/hands so it's more easier to cuddle with them! Dogs are way to big and they don't fit in you hands! I really think that this is the best house animal to have!

My cat is my BFF, she used to curl up with me every night when I was reading, but then I had to put her outside, she marked her territory on all the rugs because we got another female cat. She adapted well to the out doors and that's definitely an advantage to cats, they adapt well. They each have very distinct personality's and are very good hunters, if you have one of these inside your house, say good bye to all those little pests (including bugs) same thing if you keep them out!

theyre mini tigers how can you go wrong with that

Cats are so cute. You can carry them like babies and they sound so cute with their meow. Their purring sound is so soothing and its awesome when they sit on your lap and start purring and kneading with their cute little paws. I love kitties :-3

My cat saved my life! I was in my condo when the smoke alarm was going off. My dog, Pokey, ran out the back door and I never saw him again. My cat scratched at my face so I would get up. Another incident was when I was I was kid, home alone, and a robber busted in. I woke up, and he was holding a gun to my face. My cat then, bit his finger, and cause it to spilt open. He freaked out and ran. The cops were able to find him by following the blood trail.

Cats are great pets I have one at home they are cute and easy to care if you are looking for a pet for you and for your kids I would get a cat. Dogs are stupid all the time people don't know much about cats. Cats are great pets. So get one. Cats do bite but they don't bite hard and it tickles you no bite marks and you won't go to the hospital.cats do claw on thing it doesn't destroy your stuff and they are nice to you and give you a a lot of attention. But you can't tell a cat what to do unless it really wants to do it. A cat will come back if let outside. A cat is clean if you want to get a pet that is clean and less work a cat can do it if you say dogs are man best friend its not true they can bite and jump on you. Cats are quiet and cute and they are funny when they run around.
I hope you agree

CATS ARE THE BEST! Dogs belong in the wild and are very overrated cats know how to use the bathroom without making a mess everywhere like dogs. People say cats are lazy and don't like to play but that's not true! If you try to play with them, they can be really fun! People also say cats knock things down and break things but they don't do it on purpose. Cats are very underrated and dogs are very overrated.

Cats are not even underrated, they are overrated too. Honey, get your facts straight lol. Cats DO break things on purpose. It's their instinct. - missyweirdo

Cats are amazing. They are intelligent, agile, sneaky, can be sweet, and are ADORABLE! They know when you're sad and try to comfort you. They are playful. Whether they're in captivity or not, they still are free and wild inside - CatCode

Cats are better than dogs. We actually found ten reasons! First of all cats treat your guests nicely no matter what. Second of all cats are quiet. Third of all cats are the funniest. And fourth of all cats have quickly invaded the internet. They also IRL invaded a Japanese island. Fifth of all cats do not need to be walked. And cats can always be entertained by laser pointers. Cats also purr to show their affection. Cats also give their owners some of their prey. Cats also are great at one thing. They never destroy their toys.

Such dumb reasons. You don't even elaborate. Dogs are way loyal and lovable with their owners. There are dogs for the blind, herding dogs, rescue dogs that save people's lives (a lot of dogs saved people's lives when they were in trouble), there are dogs who sniff out bombs, drugs, and guns, there are therapy dogs, there are dogs for disabled kids, and much more. Dogs are very protective and they have a lot of stories that involve people and saving their lives, literally the people would not be here today if it were not for the dogs. Dogs are so helpful! YOU CAN TEACH EM SO MANY TRICKS! They help in military help stress relief with depression and sniff out illnesses, they also help inmates! - missyweirdo

Cats are cool but I personally think I would never get one because they're always wanting to be outside. They sit on the window and stare at the world outside. They always try to escape. It's cruel to keep then in the cage when they want to be outside. How would you feel if you wanted to go outside but never could because you're "owner" worried you might get lost! Like, What and Ever!

Cats rule and dogs drool. No offense to dog lovers but cats are awesome and dogs drool. Cats are so cuddly and beautiful. They are also very loving. If you like cats but are allergic to them, download My Talking Tom (for boys) or My Talking Angela (for girls). My cat is an angel and if you don't like all the scratches on your furniture, just declaw your cat (A vet can declaw cats).

Cats are graceful and elegant. They have an air of superiority. They have more neurons than dogs, almost double and are thus more intelligent than dogs. Cats have superior senses and incredible agility. They are worshiped in Egypt. Cats are the best pets. Cats are the best animals in the world!

Honey, your facts are extremely false. Research shows DOGS are more intelligent than cats, just look it up. Lots of scientific studies to prove it. - missyweirdo

Can a dog hug you when you feel sad ( no ), Can a dog purr in your lap ( no ) all a dog can do is tricks and they stop doing tricks when they turn 6. Cats are the best and everyone should think that but most people say that dog are better, well I know you should change your mind before I scream so loud that my cats run away. Really cats are the best pets ever!

What! Cats are way better than dogs they are easy to look after unlike dogs can look after and fend for them selves unlike dogs are easy to tame unlike dogs do not require lots of space and around the clock attention unlike dogs and cats are just so much cuter!

Cats are there whenever you need them. Yes I love dogs but dogs slobber, bark and you are always stepping on them. However cats don't slobber, rarely make a sound other than meows which are simply adorable and they stay out of your way unless you pet them which from what I've seen they flop down onto their side and purr.

It is a common misconception that cats weren't domesticated (used by humans to help with stuff usually something to do with food) but they were originally used for keeping mice out of our food and most cat owners still use cats for hunting mice today, but most dog owners do not use their dogs for hunting food.

My cats are my best friends with fur. It's nice to have a best friend that loves you and will always listen, especially for a stroke down his or her back. My cat loves to rub himself against me until I pet him. How could you hate that?

I love cats! They are so cute and easy! The don't jump up on you or sniff you unlike dogs. Also, except when they're new kittens, you can let them out and trust them to not run away, hurt someone badly, or case someone/something. They burry their business. They're super smart. They're just downright adorable!

I have a cat that my dad hats, but I for one love my cat so much because it is so cute, fluffy, and lazy. Cats have the best life ever because all they have to do is eat, sleep, and use the bathroom all day. You can't go wrong with a cat!

cats should be #1 always cause they are so cute! I could come up with a gazillion reasons why the are better than dogs. if you want 2 know them send me a message asking me and I will respond - foxrocks

I have a cat called Janet also known Heidi she is a black cat. She is so cute whilst asleep. She isn't mad or giddy she is relaxed quiet and friendly. She is better than a loud nearly dog cats should be number 1 - Jock

Research by scientists has actually proved that cats indeed can bond with humans in the same way a dog would, like leaning in for kisses and rubbing against you. They also tend to reduce anger. Also, believe me, they do like walks.

Its like you are caring and loving of a tiger! But nothing dangerous for cat. They are cute and so baby! They love to chase laser, yarn and they want to scratch, I remember my first cat pet but he is 2 years dead.. I kept him for two years and I cry a lot.. People who don't have heartly kindess kill my cat.. I remember another cat of mine name PUSS. I saw him in the street so I adopted him he have 6kid kitten and they don't have any dad. Maybe there dad was been killed. I akways cry when I think them!

Cats are so sweet and cute! Plus they are low maintenance. I have two at home and they are the most set, adorable, and funny pets ever! I think cats should've won first place on top pets. Dogs need to move over because cats are coming!