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The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.


My top two favorite pets are Dogs and Lizards. I couldn't choose. Lizards keep bugs out of the house, are fun to watch, and are very easy to care for. They are also easy to care for and don't require much. However, when it came down to it, I had to choose the dog. Even though lizards serve great practical purposes, the best quality in pets is their loving nature. I feel that dogs are the friendliest and most loving. Vote for dogs.

I voted for dogs because they are adorable as puppies and really loyal and I hate cats because 1 I am allergic and 2 when a dog grows up it doesn't scratch your face off and they hate water/getting wet so how would you give them a bath and no one wants a dirty pet and most people think " oh ya well cats lick them self clean " well that's kind of gross because that means that whenever you pick up your cat or pet it your gonna touch it's saliva
Gross cause you never know where your cats mouth been so that why I TOTALLY prefer doggies instead of cats

I love my dog. Her name is Virginia and she is really smart. She escaped the first night we brought her home and, no lie, I taught her how to climb the tree in our back yard. I hoped she forgot how to do it but one day she jumped up on it and hopped the fence. She wasn't smart enough to run though and we found her less than, like, 10 feet away from our fence (thank goodness). - llamabaconllama37

You can walk them unlike a cat and they don't hiss at you when you put them in the crate. Some dogs even take bullets for there owner and I don't think I have heard of any other animal doing that. There loyalty is extreme and they protect you, make you feel better after a tough day and they always listen. When you come home and they wag its not because there is food it is because there is love

If you don't have a dog you won't understand. I've seen that the people in the cat comments are getting triggered because of there past experiences with dogs. If you haven't lived with a dog you just don't understand. I love my dogs and they can become your best friend. I get what they can hurt people but it's not there fault it's there owners fault. Dogs them selves are more loyal,lovable, cutest animals ever! If your ever sad they can make you happy. If your bored there always up to play. Dogs are the best pets ever!

I believe that dogs are better than cats. Yes there are dog people and there are cat people but come on how can you not love dogs? They are always there for you and very loyal, some even give their lives to save their owners. But cats really wouldn't do that. Cats are self-centered and don't really like to cuddle or be petted, not all cats but most do. This is why I pick dogs over cats.

Loyal. Sweet. Forgiving. All of these things describe dogs. Plus, the puppies are really cute and playful. And have you ever noticed how lots of times dogs look like their owners? I have a terrier mix, and she looks just like me! My dog is so sweet: She will wear you down with playing, but when you are tired she will lick your face and sit with you on the couch.

"A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, big or small, young or old. He doesn't care if you aren't smart, not popular, bad at telling jokes, not the athletic type, nor the best looking person. To your dog, you are the greatest, smartest, nicest human who has ever walked this planet. You are his best friend and protector. " -Louis Sabin

Dogs aren't my favorite animal (they're second to the wolf! ) but as pets they are truly SUPERIOR! They will always be there for you, and are so excited to see you after a long day at work/school. My favorite breed's a German Shepherd - Splashstorm

I chose dogs because they are hands down the most amazing pet you can have. they are loyal and love you unconditionally. they are always there for you when it feels like no one else is. they will keep you active and healthy and they are also amazing stress relievers. my favorite breed is the rottweiler because they are so sweet (if you raise them with love) and they are very loving. I have 2 rottweilers and they are my best friends and I couldn't live without them. I encourage you to get a dog, trust me... your life will be a whole lot better

I voted dogs because they are cute kind and playful, plus sometimes their so cute that when they do something naughty you can't tell them off. I am more of a dog person I bet we all are dog lovers well everyone who voted for dogs so to me cats are well their just weird but in a good way I guess

I like dog better because they are like humans too not like all the other animals. That is being un normal so dogs are better than other stupid animals sorry about my comment well remember the saying that your opinion is much important than other people so yah I hope you appreciate my comment

They love their owner and are absolutely loyal to them, and can provide companionship and happiness to those who are lonely and unhappy. They do demand a lot of attention and care, but if it means you get a true friend for life, it's completely worth it!

I love dogs, they simply rule. I'd say that dogs and cats are tied for number 1, here is what this list should look like:

1. Dogs and Cats
2. Rabbits
3. Hamsters
4. Lizards
5. Snakes
6. Birds
7. Fish
8. Horses
9. Mice
10. Spiders - TopTenJackson

RUFF! RUFF! WOOF! WOOF! The best pet to have. When they lick you, you just laugh so hard and they just can't stop. They are the most friendliest pets to have. When dogs do tricks you say good boy or good girl. I think the best kind of dog to have is a young lab.

Dogs are adorable compassionate and lovable... Did I mention they are a mans best friend? Dogs may be loud and annoying but they only do that to get your attention. They are also very smart and loving companions

I think dogs are the most awesome. Dogs are better than dumb cats! Also they make great pets for all people who is looking for a friend to take care of them.

Do I really need to explain why I chose dogs? Pfft. COME ON!
If you really want to know why they're amazing, get one, and you will know for certain!

Dogs are a mans best friend they protect you and never betray you like cat's they are active fun loving and will always have your back the best breed is a golden retriever they are patient, active, playful and are easy at adapting to a family and do well for different living spaces this is why golden retrievers are for kids and familys

Not only are the sweet, loyal, and great friends they can help people in many different ways. I had one female Akita named Medusa that lived to 11. And a pit bull/lab mix named Bo that's 1 year old.

I truly had a bestfriend in my Golden Retriever. She was smart, friendly, and was very respectful of her environment when we would go walk the neighborhood.

I love my little pup! She is a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix and she always follows me around and begs to come with us every time I leave the house! -Teresa Smith

Dogs are AWESOME. They r loving, gentle, cute, friendly, and the most popular pet in the world. No wonder why they r called mans best friend. My favorite breeds r the Labrador and Boxer.

There is a reason why dogs are called "Man's best friend" you know. They are loyal and fun to play with. If you train them right then you will have a great time.

Man's best friend. No other animal gives you affection when you're down, knows what you want when you want it, has true love for you, and will protect you from the worst of enemies. - emraldYE