Top Ten Best Pilots Ever

The Top Ten

1 Ricardo Traven

I like him so much and I want be like him in my future

I'll Move to France so I can marry him because in France you can marry dead people

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2 Charles 'Chuck' Yeager

Forerunner and great help to space program

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3 Manfred Von Richtofen The Red Baron

The best pilot ever! His flying was amazing!

he was in the bad side but, boy he could fly

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4 Pip Borrman
5 Bob Hoover

I watched a video of Mr. Hoover, shot inside the aircraft, rolling an arrow commander while at the same time he was poring a glass of tea with his opposite hand. Not a drop was spilled, a perfect 1 G turn roll, Amazing!

He could do unbelievable manuevers.

6 Charles Lindberg
7 Peter Besenyei
8 Dave Kennedy

At the age of 13, he landed a piper tomahawk with no wheels, no wings, and the control column had snapped off and to top it all off he was paralyzed from the neck down. This guy is a flying hero.

Brilliant young pilot. Has done some incredible things in his short career. Plus, he's really enthusiastic about flying.

He can tell which model of plane is flying over and which airline, just by listening to it.

He has a girlfriend you know. He'd like to fly with her but she can't.

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9 Wilber Wright V 1 Comment
10 Orville Wright

He is Cooler than Wilber I Think

The Contenders

11 Kirby Chambliss
12 Billy Bishop V 1 Comment
13 Mike Mangold
14 Abbas Doran
15 Hans-Ulrich Rudel
16 Erich Hartmann
17 Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart
18 Bessie Coleman
19 Chesley Sullenberger
20 Hermann Göring Hermann Göring Hermann Wilhelm Göring was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party.
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