Top Ten Biggest Worries

The Top Ten Biggest Worries

1 Americans

America insists that they do justice but they are the worst than other imperial armies known in the human history. Wake up citizens of America, stop your fellow brothers and sisters discriminating other countries in Asia, Africa and other continents and also to those elitists, racists and haters. - ronluna

Most of them are narrow minded creatures, they don't let others in their way, they bomb Iraq, they criticizes others because they think they are justice and the best but the truth is not. To those people who are open minded please. Tell them to behave and respect other countries esp Asians. I saw 1 here in this site hated Asians because he wants his country to be the best - ronluna

America was based on bravery and freedom and I think its sad that they seem to have become the very opposite of what they intended to be. They're still a brave and well intentioned bunch of people, but they just need better guidance from their leaders - Cantonez

The Patriot Act ruined everything good about America, all that it was based on. I used to think it was halfway decent here, but now I have no idea where we're heading, I'm moving to Mother England first chance I have. - I<3Queen

2 Getting to Heaven

Once my teacher told me that anyone can go to heaven. even bad people because they can be god's way of teaching a lesson to others.

By the way, did you ever hear of the joke that there was one more room in heaven and then god wanted to know who was innocent to let them in or boot them to hell?

This really scares me, every time I swear or do something bad I always freak out that I'll go to hell for doing it (i'm not crazy! )

I find it pricelessly hilarious that there are actually people out there who are driving themselves crazy and limiting their freedom and choices over getting accepted into a place that doesn't even exist. - SpaceCakes

I believe in heaven, especially after reading "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. I really hope to get there. I love Jesus and God with all my heart.

3 Money/Economy

the economy is going down hill and inflation is forcing prices up. yet we still make the same amount of money at work(if u don't get laid off) - JESSIEMEN

I'm just scared Where is this world economy going? We're all doomed.

If you have this, all other problems can be taken care of. - RdrTech

I don't wanna be homeless! - beckihrh

4 What Comes After Death

Im excited, and worried about after death. Best to just enjoy my time here and let it come when it comes - Ignighted

I've always wondered what comes after you die?...

You will have another life and never know about your present life?
You will go to heaven or hell and stay there forever?
Or maybe life is just a game for your soul and everyone is just characters that god made?

there is no enjoyment after death - ronluna

5 Your Health

When you get older, your health seems to become one of the major issues in your life. The aches and pains you get up with in the morning, consumes your thoughts for many hours. You worry that you will be like this until you die, and then worry some more about who will be taking care of you if you should get disabled before you die.

I hate when things go wrong with my body - I wish we weren't so damn fragile

Getting sick is no fun... at least you get to miss
school. - MegaToolica

Surely, one of the most important worry in life should be your health - MatrixGuy

6 Relationship with Significant Other

'does she loves me or does he loves somebody else? why are you getting jealous? " this are the things that comes from my mind when I read this phrase. - ronluna

Love IS a big part of life but it is not that important. do you how many people out there are single?

I'm just gonna put this out there. I have serious bad luck with this. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

7 Terrorism

Good God the thought terrifies me.
BTW... there is a life after death. When you are close to people who have come back from the brink of death... the stories can bring tears to your eyes. - fireinside96

After 9 11 flying is never 100 safe. Anyone who voted Americans is just a jealous hater. - obamadog

8 Health of Family Member(s)

I care more about my family more than myself. I love them so dearly. I don't know how people who have lost a close family member stand the pain in their heart. I would be crying for the rest of my life and never feel better again. Good luck to all of you who have been though this and I hope you feel better!

Who would want to lose one that they love?

9 Job

Choosing a job can be a worry. Choosing a job it is one of the hardest choices in life - lapra

10 Bird Flu

I had it once and it was like living in hell

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11 John McCain getting elected


What a relief it didn't happen.
XD - bigyellowtaxi

Yikes! I agree with you bigyellowtaxi

12 End of the World

I am pretty sure some day the earth is gonna die out but the entire WORLD? Not that possible... you never know though!

Pretty scary, but will it happen? - nic1997ps3

Geez 2012 is scary, just think about if that happens someday... >:l

13 Addiction to Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco
14 Harry Potter

And how the hell did Harry Potter come here?

Why the heck is harry potter on this thing? How is this dude a worry?!?!?!

15 Girls

Who the hell would vote for this?!?!?!? Are we really THAT scary? Oh and by the way, shut up 09ShamsulBahriel. nobody cares.

this is the biggest worries of mine. - ronluna

Oh, please. We target one boy. Get over it. And guess what, 09ShamsulBahriel?
I don't want you.

One of my biggest worries too

16 What People Think Of You

esp if they make fun of you - ronluna

This is very important in life. what others think of you can totally flip over your self esteem.

17 Bullies

This is actually a really big topic. people kill themselves because of this!

I think that a really good worry

18 Peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

It sucks! I always get so thirsty when I eat peanut butter! - Toilet

this is an actual phobia called arachibutyrophobia

Ya, I hate peanut butter too, but who would be worried and scared of it?

Oh god this is up there with Americans

19 Reality TV
20 War In Iraq

My uncle is over there and each night, I pray he wont get hurt. It's so sad and I'm scared he might get shot. - Snuckles

Good luck to all the people in war and to your uncle, Snuckles!

21 Unrealistic Lists

Ya this kind of worries me because for example this website sometimes, it makes me wonder what types of creatures I'm hanging out with everyday!

many lists in the website worries me - ronluna

22 Accidents

You never know what you might do next...

This is quite worrisome. you can die any second people...

23 When 65 or more of the votes is in an item in a list and the next highest rated item is only 10

this one is according to percentage
65 percent vs 10 percent
lots of them here esp in music lists - ronluna

at least have a tight competition - ronluna

It's impossible to beat billy jean - SmoothCriminal

24 Earthquakes

Unpredictable. It can happen at anytime at any part of the world. - lapra

There IS still a chance that you will live...

25 Constipation
26 Crimes

Crime is the biggest worry when living on a high crime activity place. - lapra

27 What Your Teenagers Are Doing

If you're a parent, it is one of the biggest worries. It is common for teenagers to engage in harmful activity. Be sure to observe them at all times and correct them. - lapra

Oh teenagers, let them be.

28 Smelling Bad

Uh... who thought of putting this here?!?!?!

29 Another World War

Another world war would be a nuclear war, it is a big worry to some. It can cause catastrophic consequences in our planet. - lapra

This should come before Harry Potter on the worries we are almost there thanks to Obama

I'm too young to die!

30 Stubbing your toe

It really hurts and happens all the time -

I'm that kind of person who ALWAYS does it. I'm used to it now and it doesn't hurt that much now.

The most painful thing ever

31 China practically owns America
32 Nuclear annihilation or 30/30-150
33 Stalkers

Stalkers? Oh I'm really used to that. There is this guy in my class who every says is my boyfriend, and he is always creeping up on you and staring at you. You people out there really shouln't want to meet him!

34 Nightmares

you might not wake up again - ronluna

I HATE nightmares. one day I'm pretty sure I will get scared to death and never wake up again...

35 Swine Flu
36 2012

Huh? Nothing bad happened then, and now its already 2014. this website seems so old.

Its 2016 idiots. if you thought this is real you really have something to be worried about

37 Charlotte Church singing
38 Car Trouble

Does this car trouble refer to road accidents? If yes, I wouldn't be surprised if I die like now because some other stupid driver crashed me. Now, these crazy people don't care about life or death anymore. Blame the hideous video game producers!

39 Finding Work
40 Gossips
41 Items that should not be at the top of a lists

This is nothing to worry about, but it DOES make me think that those voters or creators are idiots!

42 Blackout

I have been though tons of black outs. nothing to worry about! And no, you wont die.

It is unpredictable, but it is not to worry. - lapra

43 Surgeries

Yikes! Never done one and don't want one

44 Aliens
45 Theocractic Democracy

I don't care what religion it is or in what country...but anyone who thinks that religion and politics can mix are sorely mistaken. It was the religious right during the American Revolution that insisted to the founding fathers there be a separation of religion and state. Those people, like the descendants of Pilgrims, as well as Jews and Catholics understood first hand how even a benevolent theocratic government can and will at any time be able to suppress free religious thought under the pretense of religious law. There are multiple examples in history and present day. Thank God, George W used and abused his religious right base.

46 Religion Clash
47 Ghosts


48 The Devil
49 People reading / looking at personal stuff
50 Overpopulation
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