Top Ten Biggest Worries

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21 Unrealistic Lists

Ya this kind of worries me because for example this website sometimes, it makes me wonder what types of creatures I'm hanging out with everyday!

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22 Accidents

You never know what you might do next...

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23 When 65 or more of the votes is in an item in a list and the next highest rated item is only 10

this one is according to percentage
65 percent vs 10 percent
lots of them here esp in music lists - ronluna

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24 Crimes
25 Earthquakes

There IS still a chance that you will live...

26 Constipation
27 What Your Teenagers Are Doing

Oh teenagers, let them be.

28 Smelling Bad

Uh... who thought of putting this here?!?!?!

29 Another World War

This should come before Harry Potter on the worries we are almost there thanks to Obama

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30 Stubbing your toe

I'm that kind of person who ALWAYS does it. I'm used to it now and it doesn't hurt that much now.

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31 China practically owns America
32 Nuclear annihilation or 30/30-150
33 Stalkers

Stalkers? Oh I'm really used to that. There is this guy in my class who every says is my boyfriend, and he is always creeping up on you and staring at you. You people out there really shouln't want to meet him!

34 Nightmares

I HATE nightmares. one day I'm pretty sure I will get scared to death and never wake up again...

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35 Swine Flu
36 2012

Huh? Nothing bad happened then, and now its already 2014. this website seems so old.

Its 2016 idiots. if you thought this is real you really have something to be worried about

37 Charlotte Church singing
38 Car Trouble

Does this car trouble refer to road accidents? If yes, I wouldn't be surprised if I die like now because some other stupid driver crashed me. Now, these crazy people don't care about life or death anymore. Blame the hideous video game producers!

39 Finding Work
40 Gossips
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