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41 Items that should not be at the top of a lists

This is nothing to worry about, but it DOES make me think that those voters or creators are idiots!

42 Blackout

I have been though tons of black outs. nothing to worry about! And no, you wont die.

43 Surgeries

Yikes! Never done one and don't want one

44 Aliens
45 Theocractic Democracy

I don't care what religion it is or in what country...but anyone who thinks that religion and politics can mix are sorely mistaken. It was the religious right during the American Revolution that insisted to the founding fathers there be a separation of religion and state. Those people, like the descendants of Pilgrims, as well as Jews and Catholics understood first hand how even a benevolent theocratic government can and will at any time be able to suppress free religious thought under the pretense of religious law. There are multiple examples in history and present day. Thank God, George W used and abused his religious right base.

46 Religion Clash
47 Ghosts


48 The Devil
49 People reading / looking at personal stuff
50 Overpopulation
51 Sexual Intercourse
52 Trolls

To me trolls are something totally imaginary mainly because of that silly movie that little girls go crazy about: Frozen. (:{ Yuck! Like seriously? Who thought of the dumb idea to make the trolls look like rocks?!?!?! Ugh... Now-a-days, these movie producers' brains have rotted just to make these little brats squeal with delight... UGH!

53 Sun Explosion V 1 Comment
54 Natural Disasters
55 Pins and needles in your foot

It's the worst and it doesn't go away the feeling just stays there -

56 Your Journal / Dairy Gets Stolen

Ya I would worry about this because people like me put really personal stuff inside like...

57 Motorbikes
58 Standard of Living
59 Muslims
60 People Hating You

Well I'm used to it now. I grew up in that situation. laugh out loud!

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