Top Ten Blondie Songs

The Top Ten Blondie Songs

1 Heart of Glass

Absolutely No. #1 song, such a great rhythm and smooth lyrics to me one of the best Disco songs ever

This is the first time I agree with the position of a song! Heart of Glass is an epic tune. Whoever made it, was inspired! It really turns me on!

Best of the best

One of the first rock-dance crossover in pop music

2 Atomic

I agree thoroughly Blondie is amazing, she doesn't let me down ever her music is iconic as is she. Alias

I love this song because it is a classic and also is in Grand Theft Auto vice city!

I can't discribe the excitement that goes in my body when I hear this song. The rhythm, the groove and of course the melody. I am just going wild every time. Amazing creation.

Although not as widely popular as heart of glass call me or one way or another I definitely think it deserves this spot because it's both catchy and unique

3 Call Me

powerful raging
female vocal - sharif

I LOVE the guitar and her voice in this song. Deserves number 1

They are so great it make me glad to still dig stuff

Of all the things I like in this song, it was the the catchy guitar riffs that always turns me on. In fact, it kinds of reminds me of LCD Soundsystem's "Daft punk is playing at my house" intro riffs.

4 The Tide is High

A guy at my highschool played this song at a guitar concert laugh out loud, the song is really catchy and beautiful.

Great song! Makes me want to dance every time I hear it!

Mellow, nice in Colorado

So catchy! Instantly makes you happy

5 One Way or Another

Love it not the best but the second best song ever great guitar and singing - mneilan

Picking the best BLONDIE song is like picking the best food out of your fridge - you like them all, and it changes depending on your mood. But "One Way Or Another" is the song I flick to in my ipod whenever I need that instant burst of energy - at the gym, in the car, or stalking my ex

One way or another is my favorite song of blondie. you see the song is all about a stalker of the singer it was she was telling the story of her boyfriend who is a nut job but for me it is the most popular song of blondie that is all thank you

I LOVE this song it is awesome with the dramatic and presenting feeling

6 Maria

Maria was what got me into Blondie in the first place, and I do not regret it! Within a month after hearing it, I bought, "No Exit", and I was hooked ever since! This song is perfect!

This is a very good song, and it is like a soundtrack; every instrument worked together and I think it turned out great! Actually, I can not believe why this song couldn't make it to the top ten! - esenaru0131kan

This should have certainly charted higher. One of their best in my opinion, it's full of life and energy with a good driving beat.

Best refrain ever made. Great energy and melody!

7 Rapture

This song was incredibly forward-thinking; ahead of it's time. Rap-ture.

This song was groundbreaking. Debbie Harry rapping. Enough said.

This song should be higher up the list vote this one up - mneilan

Debbie Harry is the one who put rap on the map with this song.

8 Good Boys

Good Boys is simply stunning dance pop at it's finest. I could listen to it all day!

Another life stopping, heart racing single from Blondie! I love it!

More electronic than classic Blondie but nonetheless a great dance track. Also loved the video.

I LOVE good boys. Even though I love their last song better. The song RAVE from the album Ghosts of Download to me, is their best song ever.

9 Dreaming

Perfect Rock Song. The recording is awesome, but they played it live with the precision and drive of the recording. The lyrics evoke a lot of nostalgia and "dreaming" within the listener. Pure poetry! These words will last.

This would be the best just for Clem Burke on the drums, but the rest of the song is absolutely fantastic also. Lyrics of Dreaming have to be some of the absolute best of any rock song from any era. This has to be the most perfectly balanced Rock song ever.

A perfect song. It reminds me of my senior year in high school. Blondie owned 1979-1980.

Love this song. Great lyrics always makes me feel happy. Dreaming is free!

10 Sunday Girl

What? How on this earth is this not in the top ten?! I mean of course all her music is brilliant but why is this so far down? Anyway love Blondie never disappoints!

I just think this is the perfect pop/new wave song. Beautiful melody, debbies voice mixture of gently coyly sweet and spiky pinky edge and just oozes class. Never gets the credit it deserves this one. Song to fall in love to

Best pop song ever!

Favorite Blondie song :) brings me back, gives me chills

The Contenders

11 In the Flesh
12 Picture This

It has the most perfect lyrics ever! I felt touched when I listened for the 1st time. It's beautiful.

The video for this song was stunning because Debbie looked sexy!

High energy at its best

13 Mother

Amazing New Song Love Love It So So So amazing Vote It Listen To This Song Please Please Love it Should be higher love it so much - mneilan

14 Hanging on the Telephone

This is by far the best, and most catchy blondie song

My favourite, shocked it's so low. - truckturner

Unrated song. Fantastic energy!

Wayy tooo low on this list at least should be number 8 one of the best opening tracks EVER super catchy and lives on through many works in pop culture today, a classic!

15 Undone

This song's failure was the result of a bad record company! This song is really amazing in the way it was composed! Love it!

Undone is everything a Blondie song should be: Heart-Stopping, Heart-Felt, Hard Rock, and just dang perfect! Way to go, guys!

16 Shayla

My dad named me Shayla after this song he was a huge blondie fan.

This song represents people struggling into the working world and shayla, seems to be wrapped into depression. People can relate and the music on the song was super to a T!

17 Denis

Why isn't this in the top ten? This was their breakthrough hit! An awesome song

Good song I think.. should be higher than this..

the best!

Top 3 for me. - truckturner

18 Union City Blue

I loved Blondie from their punk rock days and grew up as a teenager buying every release. Union City Blue blows all the rest away! Very powerful and haunting song. Class song for a class band!

Blondes best song. Fact. The fact that it ain't in the top 10 is a crime.

Blondie herself likes this song better than the others...well, I *suspect* she does...since it rocks.

19 (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear

No idea why anyone has ignored this classic! Such a nice song

Indeed it is a good song. It should be in the top 10 list.

20 11:59

Great organ work by jimmy.

21 Rip Her to Shreds

Top track for me

22 Will Anything Happen?
23 X Offender

It's so fooking good man the best is the faster pace living versions of the songz

This was an early stage song that should of been a bigger hit.but for some reason it was not pushed into radio stations for them to expose the song.

24 Detroit 442
25 The Hardest Part
26 Fade Away and Radiate

Lots of class about this one. Surprised at 23.

27 I Know but I Don't Know
28 Pretty Baby
29 Island of Lost Souls
30 Victor
31 Slow Motion
32 Nothing is Real but the Girl

A pretty much overlooked track, this was a great follow-up single to "Maria", and truly is the only song that could off of that album. I love it very much! It sounds a bit like "Call Me" too.

33 Eleven-Fifty Nine
34 What I Heard
35 War Child
36 Platinum Blonde
37 I'm Gonna Love You Too
38 No Exit

This song is full of energy and incredible Debbie's charisma

39 The Tingler
40 Background Melody (The Only One)
41 In the Sun
42 Under the Gun
43 Contact in Red Square
44 Walk Like Me
45 Long Time
46 Just Go Away
47 Kidnapper
48 Practice Makes Perfect
49 Danceway
50 Screaming Skin
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