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21 Lucky Brand

They're soft, comfortable and different to the rest. I do wear Levi's and Guess, but of all the collection I have, Lucky Brand is a personal favourite

Amazing jeans, hard wearing jeans, soft to touch, the only jeans I buy.

Very down-to-earth jeans! They are comfortable and very true to size!

So soft!

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22 American Eagle

Not just for teens, I'm middle long as you're fit! AA jeans are good bang for your buck. I prefer the classic fabric content 99% cotton/ 1% Spandex. I found their stretchy jeans just end up bagging (2014-2015) Hopefully this year they tweaked the fabric content and got it right. Nothing like the fit for a decent price- gotta say. Comes down to individual body shape and preference; some jeans work for some- other jeans work for others.

So comfy, well made, amazing fit, my favorites are their dark skinny jeans and they have been through dozens of washes and still look amazing! Once you put them on you can't go back!

So many fits to choose from and I love them all. Great quality, great price. Each jean is individual, not something you'd expect from a mass produced product.

Very best for teens and not too pricey!

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23 Arizona Jeans

I LOVE these. They're they only brand I buy. Their Flares are amazing and they make me look great.

For a tall person (anyone requiring an inseam greater than 32 inches), these jeans are absolutely perfect. They're flattering and affordable - the best of the best.

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24 Lee Dungarees

Big choice of fits and never had a bad experience, and they're just classic!

25 7 for All Mankind

So damn soft and comfortable. The only jeans I wear other than diesel and rock and republic and I could sleep in them

Absolutely beautiful fit. Steep prices are definitely worth it in the long run, I've had a pair for six years now and fit the same, if not better as the day I got them. I also would never pass up the offer if given to try on another pair of men's luxe performance jeans. Hands down the most amazing jeans I've ever felt or worn for that matter.

The best jeans I have. I am very picky about my jeans, and the only brands I wear are seven for all mankind and MEK brand jeans. My butt looks fine in them and I feel like I can do anything in them.

Expensive but reall comfortable

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26 Hudson Jeans

Pure fashion, decent price for AMAZING jeans

I love my hudsons, ladies if you have a meaty tight bottom... Try these on ). You will love

Chingones jeans

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28 Kirkland Jeans
29 Edwin

It is a guaranteed item for everyone itss shirt are so lovely.

I love this jeans from Japan. I wear the bootcut 503 Blue Tripp.

Edwin ar the fine marke of the world specialy Slim Long and carote.Wery god stoff

30 Burberry

Absolutely stunning and they hug my body perfectly, they don't scream attention as well

Burberry shirts are really qwsum, its definitely an alternate to versace

31 Lee Cooper Jeans

Lee cooper is very good jeans to wear

I just love the fit. I keep wearing and wearing even if its slightly soil. I love the large back pocket

By the way it's European brand not American

Soft to feel, you can even sleep in such jeans

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32 Vigoss

Fashionable styles, reasonable price. The fit on these jeans always looks amazing on me!

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33 Klubture Jeans

Life in Jeans Mode!
From feel, Fit, Cut to texture, to IMP metal trimmings, everything about Klubture establishes solid workmanship. A craft tested by time and trends.. Klubture carries bearings of an international style icon along with Desi ethos.. Come what may some things never..

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34 Mufti

Each one of them look awesome. They are masters in delivering the correct fit.
I have bought 17 of those till date.

#1 jeans brand in India

Comfortable.. Good and stylish looking and the best with reasonable prices than others...

Veer rate theek theek la lya karo

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35 Replay

Excellent! Fits like True Religion... High Quality materials...

Absolutely the BEST and highest quality jeans!

The best by a long long long way. Innovative, premium quality and beautiful.

Best feeling ever - super look

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36 Almost Famous

These are my favorite jeans! Not too long and they are sparkley and affordable

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37 Abercrombie & Fitch

Since I known this brand I have loved it, they have an excellent quality and great products, the jeans have a great fit and are really comfortable.

A&F it's a really expensive brand but has an excellent quality, They have the best fit ever in jeans history, and you can wear them all the times you want, they'll last for sn eternity.

38 American Rag
39 Hermes
40 Denizen

Denizen jeans are great to have just get them there the best every.

Denizen jeans are made by levi and look just like levi jeans. Wonder why!

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