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41 Denim BLVD.

Finest jeans I have ever worn, they look great, fit great, and last forever. The have a really fine smooth feeling denim that is more comfortable than most other jeans in this list, I'm surprised that these aren't high up on this list

I just saw someone wearing then and they look terrific. I wish I could get them also

Awesome brand they r pretty much comfortable... Dan many brands

42 Riders Jeans

The name rings true the girls just love riding you in these bad boys I highly recommend

43 Mavi

Suits me best, comfortable and durable, I love it

Good quality by serious workmanship!

Quality is the best and I feel so good with mavi.

Woking with famous designers and high quality

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44 Cheap Monday

Great fit, you know that long lasting jeans that you can rely on everyday! Just love them

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45 Only

Best in style, comfort and prize! A shame that they are not available in the US

46 Gesture

Guarantee for the best comfort and fitting

"among the Top 10 denim brand in north India"

47 Siwy

Very very cool design and comfortable..

That was very very comfortable...

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48 People's Liberation V 1 Comment
49 Legendary Gold Jeans V 1 Comment
50 US Polo Assn.

Best jeans then any other branded jeans

Best jeans in the world... Wear it once to know it.

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51 Hollister Co.

I owned a pair of grey skinny jeans from Hollister. I really liked them, although I don't shop much there. Normally, I refer to Hollister as a cave complete with darkness and the extremely strong scent of perfume in the store. BUT onto the jeans... The sizing runs really small! I bought a size that was one or two sizes larger than my normal size. The material was good and really durable!

I wore them when I was in Europe for several months. During my trip I lost a lot of weight and one day the jeans were literally falling off. I intentionally left them on the train station in Roma Termini Station. So hopefully, who is out there is wearing them and enjoying them I did!

All my clothes I got is hollister to me it the best brand of clothes

I hear all about how HCO jeans run small...however, that is perfect for my body type! I happen to be very thin (too thin, which isn't probably good). Sooo Hollister is one of the only brands that work...even the 00 waist needs to be taken in about an inch--ehh I really need to gain some weight.

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52 Zara

Very cool brand I die for it, I really would buy everything from Zara nevertheless I will change

When you wore zara jeans you don't have to feel as I'm all right

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53 Nudie Jeans

These jeans, and their company Nudie, have almost a cult type of following. They recommend not washing your jeans for up to 6 months, before your first wash. With each pair, a booklet is sewn into the back pockets. This booklet has become the new Bible on denim. The prices start out at about $150.00 and can reach the $400.00 mark, so they are not cheap. Once you buy a pair, and become educated on their vision, when you hold them in your hand, you can feel, and see, why these jeans fetch the price they do. By far my favorite jeans ever, and this year I was able to purchase 6 pair for about $500.00, from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Of Fifth. I own way too many jeans! Levi's, Lucky, Diesel, Mavi, etc. All excellent in their own right. To any true denim head's, I emplore you, to give 1, or 2 pair a try. Spend full price, on one pair. Wear them for 6, 8, 18 months, every single day, so that price you'll be paying for these jeans will be totally worth it. With your first wash, they will, within ...more

They have a great fit and they're the best raw denim around. Watch out APC!

Just the best! Besides the awesome quality the got an inspiring philosophy behind their brand.

I think you should buy the replica awesome!

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54 Express

These are the only jeans ever to fit me perfectly with no complaints. They are beautiful and come in many different styles.

The blake fit! Have like 15 pairs. Love their jeans. Excellent fit for me and their designs are superb

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55 Slub Jeans
56 Ed Hardy

I think their hot

57 Dickies

These are some tough but very comfortable jeans they do not wear out quickly I have some that are going on five years

58 Obscene Jeans
59 SVICA Jeans

Love SVICA Jeans fit and that they allow me to customize my look with interchangeable tuxedo stripes that I simply zip in and out!

60 Stone Island Jeans

I love my Stone Island jeans. The cut is like a new skin and the denim is super high quality. The jeans I prefer are the ones with the target button badge attached to the right back pocket. People notice your wearing a top brand.

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