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61 Aeropostal

A very reliable brand for jeans. They fit me well which is difficult for me to find. They are also affordable which is great!

62 Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house. It hosts the brand of haute couture clothing, accessories and Parfums Givenchy, perfumes and cosmetics.
63 Apple Bottoms

Sexy, well fitting and designed.

Yo, these jeans are ballin... And black! Salty! They are so hot...

Design as a look sexy

Hi concern
I heard the name of Apple Bottom form my friend which is good.
We are the manufacturer bottom from BD. Someone else could you please help
Me for this clients address to us with email. My mail is:

64 Trigger

Trigger is very good jeans

Best fit, comfort, style varies from other, it's tj style

Best jeans for India

Trigger my passion,large no of styles,fit available as slim,straight,and pencil fit for every youth with jog fabric (stretchable fabric ) - kalaivanan

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65 Evisu

So rare and different among others brand..

How Levi's should be today with the shrink to fit and crazy designs, only pair of jeans that I have that will last and actually get better as they age, to me the fine wine of denim today

Different class.. Best jeans I bought yet.. Especially the evisu private stock


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66 St. Johns Bay Jeans

Love these jeans...Can't find them anymore. :(

67 Catch Me

Very good fittings and high waist gives a slim look ( tummy control). I liked it very much and would like to buy again.

Very comfortable & good fitting. please make in pink, lemon, red, green jeans in colour

Only place where I find high waist jeans... Good use for a long run.

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68 Jack & Jones

Best upcoming denim... Only who wears them.. Knows their worth... Brands like Levis will soon become history...

Nice Jeans manufacturer from Denmark

Jack & Jones Jeans is 80% made in Italy and in Turkey! Best quality jeans

Amazing jeans for a great price with perfect fits and washes!

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69 Joe's Jeans

They fit great and have a lot of different washes. The Honey cut rocks!

They just fit my shape well. I'm tall with long legs, wide hips and narrow true waist, but I'm not super skinny or overweight.

Best fit for my sexy curves. Long lengths and slim look with a great look on the booty.

70 Mustang

Great value for the money you pay!

Mustang is wonderful jeans, I suggest it for everyone wants to look like "Mustang". I have been auditing the Mustang since many years as a quality auditor and I found it the best for quality and durability, thanks Mustang, I am Azhar Qamar from Pakistan, "Mustang"... since ever a step ahead.

71 5KM

Something you can't resist.stylish jeans

When I saw it I couldn't help but fall in love with it. The only thing that came in mind was "EXCLUSIVITY", I personally go for such when it comes to clothing, it's all about that Limited Goods.

Design is perfect
You stand out.


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72 Club Fox
73 Jordache

They are truly the best jeans ever made in my opinion,

Agree..they fit well and look good and wear well.

They're like second skin! Superb fit.

Popular brand during the 70's

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74 Takeshy Kurosawa

Nice and very good clothing

75 Polo Ralph Lauren

I like Ralph Lauren its stylistic design and more comfortable

"Great quality, great style and in my opinion the all round kings of jeans

76 Nu Jeans

Best jeans I also wear Armani jeans but nu is best..

Great value for the money you pay! Absolutely the BEST and highest quality jeans!

77 Rock Revival

Every pair of these will make you stand out from the average person.

I love these jeans! Bought my first pair this past weekend. SO soft and I look much thinner in them. WORTH the price!

Love these because they come in very long length. 35" inseam! Great for us girls with giraffe legs!

The best

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I am a jeans and denim collector... Have more than 320 jeans... I own 3 PRPS "the grease" "the barracuda" "the dark burned"... Are some of my favorites...

Why buy anything else unless you buy JEAN SHOP NYC

Demon fit hardest jeans out

Very durable and stylish

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79 Monte Carlo
80 Scotch & Soda

I thinks scotch & soda is a very good brand specially in children jeans bottom and men bottom also not bed.

I know this company makes the best pair of denim for men and women! They are simply the best!

People ask me the brand of my jeans so much they love them: Scothc & Soda!

They create very neat denims and yee prettyyy cool b

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