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81 Miss Sixty

Amazing denim when it was founded by Creative director Wichy Hassan

82 Monte Carlo
83 AG Jeans

AG Adriano Goldschmied is super duper comfortable especially "the Legend", this is the best jean brand ever heard. Though the price is a bit expensive, it worths!

The best Jean brand in the world. Hand made denim with 78 pairs of hands used to create every pair, finished by a master tailor. Worth the money. The tellis fit is my go-to.

Levi's, Lee and Wrangler all in the top 3.
Guess the average age of respondents is 8 bazillion.

84 Salsa Jeans

Great Quality. Excellent value for money. Great option for ladies pushing for a sexy look...

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85 Sanoma Jeans
86 Flying Machine

Become an iconic figure of fashion world wearing jeans by FLYING MACHINE. The cotton wonder will build up a classic look that will be worth flaunting again and again. Dance till you drop in these slim-fit jeans that will keep you comfortable in a crowded lounge/club.

The flying machine provides good quality jeans at affordable price. Flying Machine jeans are comfortable too

Make designer jeans like raged jeans colored jeans

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87 Oscar de la Renta
88 Massimo Dutti V 3 Comments
89 G10 Jeans
90 Lacoste
91 April77

The best skinny jeans with rock concept, I like it the most. Perfect fit!

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92 Nautica Jeans

They rock! Old-school tailoring w/hip-look. But not too durable

93 LTB

Super fits, stable colours, hard hand work, reachable prices...

The best fit best quality nice cotton jeans

Like wearing nothing, so comfy!,

I like it always

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94 McJeans V 1 Comment
95 Bugle Boy Jeans

I like these jeans I used to wear them all the time but then all the sudden they started fit me funny - gordokc77

96 Rifle

After Levi's and Wrangler number 3 is Rifle. Italian brand since 1958. All other brands of blue jeans are just one big Bull!


This is very comfortable jeans! There are so many different designs and colours. I love Uniqlo jeans! I look much better than more expensive jeans.

My very item purchased under this brand was a boxer briefs. nice fit and material. I like the front crotch pocket which enhances that male body part

How are they not on the Top 10 list? They have an extremely wide selection of denim jeans. The quality and classic jeans and skinnies they sell at Uniqlo is uncomparable. Very affordable as well - around $29-39 a pop, depending on the style you choose.
Plus, they even have in-store fitting and tailoring of your jeans if they are too long.

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98 Peter Says Denim

Excellent quality jeans...Must try Jeans...highly recommended...

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99 DC

Dc jeans are awesome, I usually only get one pair at a time because they aren't as diverse as some other brands, but still, great jeans

100 Momotaro Jeans

Fantastic quality, very unique texture, on top. Very well made with incredible amount of detail. Best selvedge

I agree Momotaro is the best

I'm very shocked that Momotaro isn't at least in the top 3.
The worlds best jeans in my opinion.

Very special jeans trend in 2014. Looks the design very rare and confortable to wear.

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