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121 B.K.E
122 Anchor Blue

Only jeans I could find that fit..loved them but do't know if they still make them..Used to buy them at Miler's outpost

123 GUESS Falcon Jeans
124 Nobody Jeans

A bit expensive, but great colours and super comfy!
LOVE their high waisted 'cult' range to

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125 D Jeans London

Shop online fashionable Jeans wear with Quality and Comfort

126 Earnest Sewn

Seriously the best jeans ever. I have a million pairs

I own "Fulton" straight leg. Great comfort, Great quality. Love them! My favourite brand.

127 MSD Jeans

Please show brand details

128 Denim & Supply
129 Gap

Okay, gap has some of the most underrated jeans of all time. They've been making jeans forever. They're durable, last as long as you don't grow, when they fade they fade nicely, fit perfectly, and have a huge variety. They're honestly amazing. I don't know who could ever think balmain jeans are worth it, but the pricing and quality makes gap jeans incredible.

I just have bought a pair of skinny jeans from gap, and I love it! , it looks like levi's jeans.

The jeans of gap are awesome. They are really good looking and are made up of good quality fabrics.

I bought two pairs of the Slim Fit jeans. They are the best. don't think they should be in the 50's. Gap should be at least top 10.

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130 John Player

This is good so why are ranking 149 no.

It must be on number 12 I think its best

131 allen solly

Nyc jeans, good quality

132 Citizens of Humanity V 1 Comment
133 Mossimo

Premium skinny jeans by Mossimo... Man, what an awesome fit and super-comfortable! I am a jeans lover and these rate tops for me in sexiness and comfort! I have them in deep red and pink... Awesome!

Seriously the best jeans ever. I have a million pairs. I love it

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134 Collin's Jeans
135 Apii Jeans
136 Relativity Jeans

Where can I buy these?

137 Robin Jeans

Pricey but has great quality

138 Rag & Bone

So sexy. Nice and long for long legs

139 Inc Denim
140 Adidas Originals
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