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21 Human Touch

My most favorite Bruce song, ever! It pertains to society, an individual love, and self-actualization. Thank you, Bruce, so much for writing this beautiful song.

Why is this song so down on the list? I can't believe that... this songs is so lovely, great, cute, so beautifully written... it just does not stop being playing in my head...

This is just the best

22 My City of Ruins V 1 Comment
23 I'm Goin' Down

Brilliant song. I haven't been a Bruce fan (mainly due to the fact that I haven't been very familiar with his music-- I'm more of a punk rock gal) but I ADORE this song & make everyone listen to it.

What!? I was expecting to come on this and see I'm going' down at least in the top ten and I see it at 112! - wolphert

24 Girls in Their Summer Clothes

The melody is beautiful and all the warm references to the small towns in its lyrics just make it an enjoyable peice of music. Magic (2007) was a great album too!

A nice peice of art. It's a beautiful song and Springsteen sounds great in it. It is one of Bruce's most artistic works..

Love it! Another muddy recording. FRUSTATING...

25 Youngstown

MASTERPIECE. " Smokestacks reaching like the arm's of God, into a beautiful sky of soot and clay".

"Youngstown" is a great song. One of my favorites with The Boss. It�'s sad in some way, but I can�'t explain it. Maybe you know what I mean. Why is it placed so low on this list?

A clasic, who is Bob Dylan?

26 Darkness on the Edge of Town
27 My Hometown

Tells a great story with intriguing lyrics, should be ranked higher.

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28 The Rising

Whenever I think about Bruce Springsteen, I think about the indomitable force of music to make our spirits rise. The Rising surely is one of his bests.

One of his 5 best songs without any doubt. I wonder why it's ranked 20th...

Springsteen touched our hearts with this song. It should be in the top 10, without a doubt

A Wonderful Memorial to Sept. 11, 2001 - about firefighters climbing the burning towers of the World Trade Center...knowing they were marching to their deaths.
"Can't see nothing' in front of me
"Can't see nothing' coming up behind
"Make my way through this darkness
"I can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me
"Lost track of how far I've gone
"How far I've gone, how high I've climbed..."
Move this (at least up 18) into the top 10.

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29 Prove It All Night

Simply beautiful with a fantastic guitar riff. Excellent sound; almost a cry for a new chance. Last verse gets me every time. The underdog trying in desperation to make something of himself for his girl. Fine tune.

30 Long Walk Home

Love this song. Too bad it is recorded so poor.

One of the best song I ever heart

31 Working on a Dream

No. 9? Seriously? This is crazy man. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice. Amazing!

Should be at the top ten and not at 39..

The most beautiful song and lyrics by Bruce:) Absolutely love it.

32 Incident on 57th Street

There is an incredible live version of this song, with full E-Street band, and Max and Roy in full swing, on the B-side of the War Maxi-Single. Unfortunately I was never able to get hold of a clean digital version (except the one I made myself in 1997 with a home-built 8 bit digitizer).
Great song, and the new wall-of-sound treatment of this song makes it even better.

The fact that this is so low makes me so sad.

Proves Bruce's enormous talent in the early stages of his carreer and is my absolute nr. 1. This song carries the eccentricity of his pre-BTR work, it's poetic, highly original and it goes on forever. Love it deeply.

33 Adam Raised a Cain
34 Ramrod V 1 Comment
35 Independence Day

so true...

36 Cover Me

Seriously?! Cover me is No. 56?!

One of his BEST EVER!

37 The Promise

Probably his most underrated song ever. To me, his 2nd after "The River".

38 Candy's Room

Why do I have to scroll so far down to find this one, come on not No. 50, it's Top 5 easily like come on people

The most particular song ever compsed: a crescendo of sound until reaching the peak of the extasy of love for a woman. Incredibile and unique. No song like this has ever got the same emotion!

39 Blood Brothers
40 Downbound Train

Heartbreaking lyrics, great melody. Typically Springsteen.

Well, this 0.3 % got it right.
Blows those country songs away as far as the hopelessness of love lost and the struggle to carry on.

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