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81 Breakaway
82 You'll Be Comin' Down
83 The Fuse

The fuse is burning, shut up the lights.

84 We Take Care of Our Own

Great song combined with the new elements of music with classic springsteen quality. Doubtfully the best song ever

This song is the most catchy song of his and surely doesn't deserve to be 21st in the rankings. Definitely in the top 10.

Gotta take care of this. Vote it up!

The most modern of the most modern instances with classic mellodious tunes, first song I heard of bruce springstee!

85 Devil's Arcade
86 Nothing Man
87 Rocky Ground

Best 2012's song and one of Springsteen's best. Should be ranked higher :/

88 Two Hearts
89 Drive All Night

Check the 2012 live version in Gothenburg and you'll know what I mean, it's probably the best video in Youtube. Spellbinding and purely magical! Bruce and the E-Street Band are simply the best!

1 word: beautiful!

A song that's initially difficult to appreciate. But when you get tired of the River, Cadillac ranch and the others, this is the song that remains. It's echo in your mind, and you'll find yourself humming 'cause you've got, you've got, you've got…' under your breath for no apparent reason except your'e looking at something beautiful.

90 Surprise, Surprise
91 Magic

A hidden meaning behind this song, but so beautiful... Real magic flowing into our ears

92 I Wanna Be with You
93 High Hopes
94 My Beautiful Reward
95 Frankie

Great song. Check out the live version from Gothenburg in 2012, absolutely amazing.

96 War
97 She's the One V 1 Comment
98 The Ties that Bind
99 Blinded by the Light

Oh gosh! I was expecting this to make top 3 like it should. I love the lyrics, chorus, melody, and pretty much everything about it. I prefer it to manfred mann's version.

Can't believe this is so low, this is Sprinsteen gold

100 The Wrestler

One of the most emotional, touching and powerful songs I've ever heard.

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