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101 Because the Night

Amazing song! Perfect for you're when just so in love you feel like running away with your lover into the night

This song is Heaven... I can't believe it's not further up on the list.

102 Brothers Under the Bridge
103 Happy
104 My Lover Man
105 Devils & Dust

One of the greatest songs for sure. Just listen to it and you'll realize.

106 The Last Carnival
107 The Price You Pay
108 Reno

Probably my favorite Springsteen song. The dobro, orchestra, lyrics, and theme fits together perfectly. Great song.

Reno is Springsteen at his songwriting best

109 Rendezvous

Probably the best outtake he ever had. That and Preacher's Daughter. Both of these should have been released on albums, but I do accept that they are a treat to listen to as tracks that we'd almost never heard.

110 Countin' On a Miracle
111 Johnny 99
112 Empty Sky

I remember looking up on 9/12/11 and there wasn't a single thing moving in the sky - so weird if you're from New York. It was so noticeable. Eerie silent blue sky. That's what it was like before air travel was invented, but we'll never see it again.

This is a great song about the largest US historical event in my lifetime - the attack on the twin towers. Not sure how it can rate so low. A great song

Its got the most beautiful tone of a mixed genre

113 Frankie Fell In Love
114 The Wall
115 This Is Your Sword

With amazing music backing a strikingly faithful message, Springsteen's newest Celtic experiment is hugely underrated.

116 Dream Baby Dream
117 Living Proof
118 My Father's House
119 Chimes of Freedom

Pretty surprised nobody noticed this awesome song and it didn't make it in top hundred

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120 Gypsy Biker

Another great Bruce song recorded like crap!

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