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41 Jonathan Lipnicki

Jerry Maguire and Stuart little - daniannaactor1

42 Kodi Smit-McPhee

the kid from Let Me In and The Road - InsertNameHere

He's one of the tallest child actors ever. - Yorkshire2001

43 Dean Stockwell

Many people may not be aware that Al on Quantum Leap was a very successful child actor. If you could rent it "The Boy with Green Hair" from 1943, I think, was one of his first movies. You will literally fall in love with those budgy little cheeks and Bambi like wide eyes. So darling!


44 Corey Haim Corey Haim Corey Haim was born on December 23 1971, in Toronto Ontario. He grew up in the Toronto suburbs of Thornhill and Willowdale, and attended such schools as Pineway Public School, Baythorn Public School, German Mills Public School, and Zion Heights Junior High School. more.

Love lost boys and silver bullet. Too bad he died in 2010. - Stitch013

45 Jamie Bell

This young Brit won a BAFTA for his performance in Billy Elliot beating out Hollywood hitters Ton Hanks, Geoffrey Rush AND Russell Crowe.

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46 Bailee Madison V 1 Comment
47 Jack Wild

An Academy Award nominee at the age of 15

Jack Wild should be in top 10! He was amazing, nobody could play the Artful Dodger in Oliver! as well as Jack did. He was Unique, special & very talented, He was Loved by so many. Rest In Peace Jack x

48 Jodie Foster Jodie Foster Alicia Christian "Jodie" Foster is an American actress, director and producer who has worked in films and on television. She has often been cited as one of the best actresses of her generation.
49 Mara Wilson

She was great in Mr. Doubtfire and Matilda, should at least be in top ten. - aldwych94

50 Lizzy Greene Lizzy Greene
51 Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore

She is one of the most successful actresses who started out as a kid but then became amazing as an adult as a kid she was great in cat eye and E.T. And then as an adult she did great in blended and duplex

She deserves a higher spot here.

52 Dafne Keen

Guys... did you not see Logan?

53 Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress. She is also a model, singer, songwriter, director, and producer.

I love Lindsay Lohan and parent trap

I love her. Great acting too bad she is addicted to drugs now - feena

54 Elijah Wood Elijah Wood

Come on, who would probably forget about Mr. Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Or when he played in The War. He is awesome, awesome, in every movie :D!

I love The Lord of the Rings. I've even read the books. You have to love Frodo Baggins

Ummm... Although I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, Elijah was a GROWNUP when he did these movies. He was a good actor in his youth though.

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55 Tom Felton

Wait until my dad hears about this.. Haha.. Love draco malfoy

Best performance in Harry Potter

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56 Jodie Sweetin

When she was little

57 Christina Ricci Christina Ricci

When it comes to child acting, there is no substitute for the talent of Christina Ricci. Look at her portrayal of Wednesday in The Adams Family! To be able to completely fall into a role at such a young age is incredibly talented. For more of her awesome acting, check out Caspar and Now And Then. This girl rocks!

Wonderful acting in Mermaids with Winona Ryder

58 Raven-Symoné Raven-Symoné Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman, sometimes credited as Raven, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, television personality, and producer.
59 Will Poulter Will Poulter
60 Zack Efron
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