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81 Bobs Watson

A LOT better than most of these that are on here. The kid could bring you to tears. Checkout Boys Town or On Borrowed Time.

82 Tatum O'Neal Tatum O'Neal Tatum Beatrice O'Neal is an American actress and author. She is the youngest person ever to win a competitive Academy Award, which she won in 1974 at age 10 for her performance as Addie Loggins in Paper Moon opposite her father, Ryan O'Neal.

Great child actress with fantastic wit & charm.

83 Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, producer, and designer. She is best known for her leading role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series Sex and the City.

I hear they're re-making practically every movie from her youth and early twenties. - RockFashionista

Weird hair.

84 Mason Cook
85 Casey Simpson
86 Aidan Gallagher
87 Gabrielle Elyse
88 Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf Shia Saide LaBeouf is an American actor, performance artist, and director who became known among younger audiences as Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens.
89 Heather O'Rourke Heather O'Rourke Heather O'Rourke was an American child actress. She was discovered by director Steven Spielberg when she was visiting MGM's studios.
90 Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano

I can't believe she's not on this list! She is now.

91 Sierra McCormick Sierra McCormick Sierra McCormick is an American actress. She is known for her role as Olive Doyle on the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm.
92 Chandler Riggs

Amazing job in the walking dead

93 Genevieve Hannelius Genevieve Hannelius

I think that she is a really good actor and diserves to be on this list at even like 80.

94 Brittany Snow
95 Brad Renfro
96 Brad Renfro

Easily the best child actor of all time. Hus performances in Apt Pupil and The Client were outstandingly brilliant. He threw his life away and he was also a brilliant blues guitarist!

97 Feyrouz
98 Hayley Mills V 1 Comment
99 Angela Cartwright

Talented and beautiful young actress from the sixties deserves to be on this list

100 Misha Handley V 1 Comment
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