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181 Stuffed Animals

I've kept my stuffed animals from when I was a kid and I keep getting more. They're really cheap to find at Goodwill or garage sales. They're also fun to win in claw machines (some are less rigged than others). Stuffed animal are SO cute and soft, and you can play with them or have them act out scenes or talk to one another in a language you're trying to learn. They can keep you company too. They also don't weight a lot so its not a huge hassle to move them.

I love Stuffed Animals - GirlyAnimeLover

Stuffed animals are so cute

Yes they are awesome

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182 Tissue Rolls
183 Teas

I collect teas and teapots, it rocks.

184 Pull Tabs
185 Nuts

They taste good but very admiring

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186 Phones

My grandma has 100 of them because she never knew of anyone need a phone

187 Crucified Insects

I got some of my own and I have about twenty of them

I've got nine that my neighbor gave me.

188 Model Military Ships
189 Historical Artifacts

I dug up some gold coins in my backyard

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190 Pressed Pennies

I got three penny books that are full

191 Matchbox

They have cool pic's on the cover

192 Pins

They are so fun to collect because they have different words on them

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193 Lipbalms

Lip balms are my favourite thing to collect because they bring me back to my childhood

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194 Scraps of Cloth
195 Folders

Different colors and patterns bring out a whimsical quality, and it is an interesting outside-the-box choice!

196 Medals

"They may be rare but there is a lot of history behind them and they would be with a ton of money"

197 Zomblings
198 EOS eggs V 3 Comments
199 Mobiles
200 Wizard Toys

I love the why wizards look

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