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41 Legos

It is really fun I have collected Legos since for about 5-6 years

Almost every kid has them and you can find them in big packs that are cheap on eBay.

I have 3 Lego sets but still I am working on it

I'm collecting Bionicle Sets. - ChroniclerMan5

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42 Snow Globes

I used to collect snow globes when I was younger, and I had a collection of about 30+ but I used to leave them on the window sill, and after time, the water evaporated out of them, and the sun going through the glass actually burnt my wooden window frame.

That would be a good collection

43 Political Items

I have over 7000 pieces

44 Dildos

I love my very own GOD given dido that swings tween my legs!

Still can't believe this is a thing

Fun for all the family

what?! - GirlyAnimeLover

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45 Yugioh Cards

I like yugioh cards they have ninjas and everything there so much of them to

I bought 3 random decks for 15 dollars and I got blue and red eyes dragon!

My bro collect these I collect pokemon cards

YuGiOh is the best. Should be #1. - Miauzer

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46 Business Cards

There are some beautiful cards.

47 Soft Toys

I have a bunch of soft toys on my bed, next to my bed and I sleep with them all night! It's a little creepy seeing all those faces though at the dark..oh well!

Yes I'm autistic so I collect lots like bank cards toothbrushes toys makeup and now this and pokemon

There the best, little furry friends that can also look pretty real

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48 Porn

If more people were honest, this would be higher on the list

Lol. You don't need to collect it, you have the Internet

I love porn yes porn go porm

what - GirlyAnimeLover

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49 Money

Get money first so you can buy your collection

I love collecting money - GirlyAnimeLover

I love money!

50 Movie Ticket Stubs
51 Disney Merchandise

They are awesome I have at least 50 of them

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52 Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are THE easiest to find and I collected 21 bottle caps in a day in a month I'll have more than 200!

SHINY! I like bottle caps

I have one vintage bottlecap... The heart of my collection. My grandmother was drink Coca-Cola one day as a young girl in the 1940's and put the cap in her pocket. She recently just found it and gave it to me!

I had a collection with 50 bottle caps when I was in the middle school. I don't know what happend them, but nowadays I want return to hobby. - misfortuneluck

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53 Beer Bottle Caps

Buy a bit recipient in glass and put them inside, it make a good decoration

Yes I already have started

Lots of different styles

Yes please

54 Bras & Panties

What's more satisfying for a collector than collecting Bra's & Panties!?

I'm a 16 year old Boy & I have a collection of 248 Bra's & 291 Panties of so many different shapes, sizes, colours, textures, models & brands from all over the World & I Love them All!

I'm an Indian and apart from the Sri Lankans, we have the 2nd largest Bras & Panties collector community in the world! An individual should be proud to have a Collection of Bras & Panties. They are soft & smooth so you can touch & feel them all the time. They are so fragrant that you can smell them all the time. My neighbour Aunty has a big collection of numerous Bras & Panties and whenever I go to see her when she is alone, she allows me to touch, feel & smell them and even allows me to Dress her with them!

My Bra & Panty collection is now getting bigger & Bigger than ever before! Now I have 387 Bra's & 518 Panties! I LOVE THEM FOREVER!

I request from all of you to collect Bra's & Panties and to have a collection of your own. Believe me, you'll be the Happiest person in the World! M/

This is crazy •_• - GirlyAnimeLover

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55 Knives

It's a bit scary for the others, but it's something that have been use for centuries by humans

I collect knives and its really fun too, but kinda expensive for exotic knives, but totally worth it

Knives are cool there's different detailed ones I think it's cool

I just started but my parents made me stop

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56 Shopkins

I used to have so many I loved them and still love them! I don't tell anyone Though because I'm scared people will make fun of me. But some girls in my grade still bring them to school and trade! And I'm in grade six!

My little sister loves shopkins...she has so much fun with them and it keeps her occupied and gives a big role in responsibility she has 66 shopkins!

My sister has shop kind and loves them! It is a good way that children can really learn to be responsible for their won things

I have two Shopkin cases full of shopkins

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57 Vinyl Records

The nostalgia of vinyl records is buried within every one of us if you live through that time era. Even if you didn't it is still awesome to look back at the culture and art of the past.

I'm a new and upcoming vinyl collector, so far I love it, can't beat that vintage sound!

Just started but they are at every antique store

Much better than boring cds.

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58 Harmonicas

Ah yes, my favourite thing to collect. Harmonicas. My collection is ever growing, I have over 1000. I could have my own giant harmonica band, if only anyone else's harmonica collection could compare to my own. I could take over the world with my own large collection of harmonicas. I have been doing this for precisely 956 days, and I think I am prepared. I know just how I can do this great deed of taking the world over for myself. Just you wait, everyone. Just you wait, just you wait.

59 Clocks

Not a clock watcher, but love having a wall of varied clocks in my office!

60 Leggings

Love leggings! '

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