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61 Cars

If this hobby was a bit less expensive it would probably be at the very top of my list. Because of the fact that most cars that are even worth collecting will run you twenty to thirty grand, it isn't very practical unless you are a millionaire. If you are, more power to you and I hope maybe one day I can get my hands on your collection.

Cars are an amazing link to our past and a form of art as well. Many cars show the artistic quality of the maker and can really say lot about the person who owns it. Even if you don't have the money to collect life sized cars, there is always the possibility to collect model cars. This hobby is both rewarding and cheap

Real cars Tony Stark have one O= - mattlol

This one use too much money - GirlyAnimeLover

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62 Star Wars Figures

I love star wars

They might cost a fourtune

So lame


63 Pictures

I love pictures I have 300 pics

How about School pic, family pic, etc - GirlyAnimeLover

64 Pencil Cases

O my gosh I have so many it fills my whole wardrobe and I have a walk in one! Lol!

65 NES games

One of the best collectors items.

66 Cadillacs
67 Sex Toys

No no no no no no that's stupid

That is wrong to no no no no kids are on this page so I say nnoo

not right

That's crazy! - GirlyAnimeLover

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68 Glass

I love all of my glass figurines I have 275 glass figurines

I love glass statues - GirlyAnimeLover

Nice to see

69 Teeth

It's creepy - GirlyAnimeLover

70 Silver

There's nothing better than holding a handful of silver.

I want to start this

I mean Silver's beautiul - GirlyAnimeLover

I just got a 10 oz bar!

71 Seashells

Shells are really interesting and pretty and you can collect them from the beach and is free unless it's in a shop

Beautiful colours, patterns and you bring the beach sound and smell home with you!

They can come in so many diferent forms and colors that are really cool!

Love it

72 Chewed Gum

Do people actually do this

I hate gum I'm like in edinbrug

I have a collection of nearly 2000 pieces of gum so far, its easy to collect, and free! I use one of my spatulas to scrape it off the pavement and underneath bus seats. so much fun, although I would not recommend eating it as it makes you ill, I tried.


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73 Computer Software
74 Buttons/Pinbacks

My cousin has tons of pins. He pins them on lanyards. He has 7 lanyards with pins on them now. I just started collecting these awesome pins.

I love collecting pinback buttons! I currently have over 100 of them.

75 Teddies

They're all fluffy and cuddly

Lol I have a lot of teddies! - GirlyAnimeLover


76 Football Cards

Have collected them for about 4 years

Me 6 years and what football afl or soccer

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77 Music Video, Concert, Documentary DVD
78 Beyblades

Really its good dude I am collecting too

The plastic gens were more fun to collect.

79 Shoes

Shoes are amazing they can be different styles

Shoes are fashionable I like to collect them

Best thing in the world

Vans Vans Vans and more Vans!

80 Feathers

I love collecting feathers. They're so beautiful and interesting. No one is the same. As long as they're quite clean, and they're in a safe spot and your not touching them too much (bird disease), it's fine.

Seriously, who hasn't picked up a feather before and admired it? Feathers are colorful, spectacular, and other-worldly.

Eagle's feathers, Crow's fathers are so beautiful. How about Hummingbird's... - GirlyAnimeLover

Feathers are beautiful and colorful

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