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81 Stikeez V 1 Comment
82 Bath and Body Works Items

I have a mini store in my room! Haha ( I don't use half the stuff but whatever)

Every thing in the store is so unique

that's me!


83 Tic Tac Boxes

I might actually do this, good idea. - TheParable

I currently have 32 different ones. - Catlover2004

84 Gogo's Crazy Bones

I LOVE these I have over 100 at least

Go here to see the list of my entire collection (it's on Crazy Bones-Pedia, you see): crazybonespedia. - AlexTopTens

85 Lighters V 1 Comment
86 Badges

I collect lots of badges and all of them have a story behind them for every time that I have achieved them

V 1 Comment
87 Fishing Lures
88 Dum-Dum Lollipop Wrappers
89 Band Tees

I work at hot topic and have a nice collection

90 Mermaid Fingers

Who doesn't like a good mermaid finger


What is that?


91 Vases

I have always loved vases, but now I collect them. They are so cool. They can be made out of just about any thing.. I need to go out and get a new or old vase. LoL love it!

92 Michael Jackson Memorabilia V 1 Comment
93 Mugs
94 Rubber Ducks

Why not! Some people might think this is really childish, but it really isn't

I collect rubber ducks
I love them


95 Pez Dispensers

This is the most amazing item to collect of them all. As a matter of fact, in the past few years the Pez makers came out with a presidential series that had a limited production and now you almost can't buy them anywhere. Mr. Lincoln and the four other presidents that make up that time period come in a five president box that cost almost $100 on EBay. That's if you are lucky enough to win the bid. Well worth it though. I'm just saying!

I had quite the little pez collection good one some very rare and sought after. She got a glimpse of them and list her mind. Well needless to say she has them or did. Maybe I'll collect them again someday no I know I will if you do have fun

That is worng

Good idea but they are £10 for one where I live!

96 Pens

Pens Come In Different Colors And Shapes, Styles, And Sizes Collecting Pens Would Be Great. In Fact I think I'll Try It.

I have like 30 all ready

97 Beanie Boos

I love them they are the only stuffed animal that I still have interest in (I'm 15) because they are just SO DAMN ADORABLE HOW CAN U RESIST? Plus they are so cheap compared to literally every other collectable toy ever ($5! )

I love beanie boos they are so fun to collect I have 173 beanie boos

Beanie Boos are So Cute!

I have 30 of them because of my autism

V 3 Comments
98 Dress
99 Magnets

I've got one from almost every state

I love magnets!

100 TVs

Got 13 of them old and new

This one takes up like a whole room - GirlyAnimeLover

I don't have any

I have two

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