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81 Gogo's Crazy Bones

I LOVE these I have over 100 at least

Go here to see the list of my entire collection (it's on Crazy Bones-Pedia, you see): crazybonespedia. - AlexTopTens

82 Lighters V 1 Comment
83 Teddies

They're all fluffy and cuddly

Lol I have a lot of teddies! - GirlyAnimeLover


84 Bath and Body Works Items

Every thing in the store is so unique

V 2 Comments
85 Fishing Lures
86 Dum-Dum Lollipop Wrappers
87 Band Tees

I work at hot topic and have a nice collection

88 Mermaid Fingers

Who doesn't like a good mermaid finger


What is that?


89 Vases

I have always loved vases, but now I collect them. They are so cool. They can be made out of just about any thing.. I need to go out and get a new or old vase. LoL love it!

90 Michael Jackson Memorabilia V 1 Comment
91 Badges

I collect lots of badges and all of them have a story behind them for every time that I have achieved them

V 1 Comment
92 Shoes

Shoes are amazing they can be different styles

Shoes are fashionable I like to collect them

Best thing in the world

Vans Vans Vans and more Vans!

93 Mugs
94 Rubber Ducks

Why not! Some people might think this is really childish, but it really isn't

I collect rubber ducks
I love them


Rubber ducky, you’re the one! Rubber ducky, rubber ducky!
Sesame Street, anyone? - Miauzer

95 Beanie Boos

I love them they are the only stuffed animal that I still have interest in (I'm 15) because they are just SO DAMN ADORABLE HOW CAN U RESIST? Plus they are so cheap compared to literally every other collectable toy ever ($5! )

I love beanie boos they are so fun to collect I have 173 beanie boos

Beanie Boos are So Cute!

I have 30 of them because of my autism

V 3 Comments
96 Dress
97 Magnets

I've got one from almost every state

My mom loves these. - Miauzer

I love magnets!

98 TVs

Got 13 of them old and new

This one takes up like a whole room - GirlyAnimeLover

I don't have any

I have two

99 Pillows V 2 Comments
100 Taxidermy

I collect Taxidermy and all of my friends think that its creepy, but they are nice to remember your pets that died!

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