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101 Taxidermy

I collect Taxidermy and all of my friends think that its creepy, but they are nice to remember your pets that died!

102 Holy Items

I have a lot of them - GirlyAnimeLover

103 People's Heads

I've got a few heads around my house it makes me feel like I still have friends

Our family have one from my grandfather they say. its secured in an air tight container and in a freezer separate from food ones. in the future I want to cllect too so I can scare someone visiting my house its nice to play a prank if your house is scary you know

You will never feel alone if there's always a head around

Only if you're not a coward... because even a glass head is scary for me - GirlyAnimeLover

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104 Jordans
105 Bearbricks

Because its fun and cool but cost a lot of money though

106 Coke Cans

To recycle, and the drink is really good

107 Bobble Heads V 2 Comments
108 Model Air Planes

I think they are awesome

109 Pens

Pens Come In Different Colors And Shapes, Styles, And Sizes Collecting Pens Would Be Great. In Fact I think I'll Try It.

I have like 30 all ready

110 Mechanical Pencils

Lots of people at my school collect mechanical pencils and trade them!

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111 Condoms

They are a lot of fun and are all different shapes sizes some are funny others are from places like Sydney

Why not condoms don't take up a whole lot of room

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112 Food

No don't do this one laugh out loud

The food will expired... - GirlyAnimeLover

My stomach collects every kind of

113 Dirt

It's everywhere which can make your collection giant

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114 Cigars

Who would do that?! - GirlyAnimeLover

115 Scripts

Ancient scripts are rare and interesting collection

116 Fish


Fish are great fun rather than sitting around watching T.V. I watch my fish (I’m 12)

117 Nerf Guns (Toy Blasters)

It is very collectible item for the the age 10 and up

It is avery collectible items for the age of 10-15

This is a very collectible items

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118 Dry Flowers

I love me a good dry flower"

119 Poop

What the hell

I agree. Poop tastes good.

I think your statement is gross


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120 Models of Superheroes
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