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121 Pez Dispensers

This is the most amazing item to collect of them all. As a matter of fact, in the past few years the Pez makers came out with a presidential series that had a limited production and now you almost can't buy them anywhere. Mr. Lincoln and the four other presidents that make up that time period come in a five president box that cost almost $100 on EBay. That's if you are lucky enough to win the bid. Well worth it though. I'm just saying!

I had quite the little pez collection good one some very rare and sought after. She got a glimpse of them and list her mind. Well needless to say she has them or did. Maybe I'll collect them again someday no I know I will if you do have fun

That is worng

Good idea but they are £10 for one where I live!

122 Trolls

I think trolls because they are awesome sauce

123 Phone Cases

I love collecting different phone cases to all of my friends to make me different

I love Phone Cases - GirlyAnimeLover

124 Dice V 1 Comment
125 War Memorabilia

War memorabilia is a great way to learn history and have fun while doing it, There is a large market out there for these things and you can learn a lot from people who might have even served.

126 Chocolate Wrappers

That's just like a souvenir

V 1 Comment
127 Hot Sauce

I love hot sauce, but I'm not collecting it... - GirlyAnimeLover

128 Birds

Only glass birds... please - GirlyAnimeLover

Please don't enslave animals...just don't...I beg...

I collect glass birds... Fenton, Mirano art glass

129 Fish


130 Butter

I have 2000 sticks of butter in my fridge

Won't they melt? - GirlyAnimeLover

131 Cheese

I have over 1000 cheese sticks in my fridge

I actually heard aged cheese is really tasty!

Love cheese, but am not collecting them - GirlyAnimeLover

132 Booze

So much to collect

Tequila is good to collect. Great bottles

133 Erasers

Erasers express things and you always need one

I don't know if I should collect them

They are very practical

134 Human Hair

I have 5 pounds of this

That sounds really interesting! GO HAIR!

Creepy... - GirlyAnimeLover

135 Barbies

My sis has over 50! Such a cool thing to collect! Also try Monster High! awesome thing to collect!

I open my dolls because I don't care about value and reselling, I like to have them to enjoy.

I have a collection of 9... *sobs* and I'm a teen - GirlyAnimeLover

I have quite the collection myself.

136 Bugs

They're beautiful, well, most of them - GirlyAnimeLover

They are awesome!

137 Monster High Merchandise

I like monster high I everyday watch MH and I think to collect MH things

138 Headbands

I collected headbands on March 24, 2014... I'm only beginning, but I like them I use it everyday I have 4 headbands...

139 Coat Hangers

I have about 50 of them

140 Plastic Bottles
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