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141 Coat Hangers

I have about 50 of them

142 Plastic Bottles
143 Laserdiscs
144 Street Signs

I love looking at them and reading them

How do you collect these anyways?

145 Model Horses V 2 Comments
146 Remote Control Toys

I have over 100 thoughts to love remote control toys

147 Movie Items
148 Tsum Tsum

Disney toys somewhat like beanie babys.

I would love to collect Tsum Tsum

I love tsum Tsums. They are the best things too collect in my opinion. Right now I have 28. Soon I will get more until I have all of them

V 1 Comment
149 Hess Trucks

This family of vehicles hails from the East Coast. Every year a new one joins the fleet. In fact the Hess corp. celebrated 50 years with an exclusive limited edition truck. Quite a few varieties of them too; Tanker trucks, 18 Wheelers, fire engines, a patrol car, helicopters, a ship, a space shuttle, a training van and RV, a biplane, race cars, space cruisers, and a jet.

150 Squinkies V 2 Comments

I have a collection of bookmarks so I can choose one to match each book I read. I'm currently reading the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so I paired it with a Peter Pauper Press bookmark that says, "She believed she could so she did." The spirit of the bookmark compliments the book so nicely and it makes me happy!

You can find them anywhere and you can even make them too.

I've got about 15 bookmarks

152 Quarters

You can collect them of every store

Pretty good until you spend your whole collection on something 'cause you're desperate

153 Shot Glasses

A friend of mine has a lot of those lol.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this.

V 2 Comments
154 Hats
155 Shells
156 Littlest Pet shop

My friend has over a million

YES I GOT 100 I'm not KIDDING I'm A BIG FAB OF OLD ONES I hate the new ones

157 Rings

I only have 5 - GirlyAnimeLover

158 Piggy Banks
159 Drawings

Drawings are a good way to show who you are, even if you just by them, or you could even draw them, I sound so stupid... lol at least not as stupid as people who collect flippin poop

160 Condiment Packets
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