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21 Only Fools and Horses

Best show ever, don't need to be an Englishman to enjoy this, this is great... My favorite episode Three for tea

It may not make people laugh as much but it is just better and more imaginative than the shows like family guy. I love the episode: 'To Hull and back' - thedoctor

True comedy gem by the Genius John Sullivan.

Best comedy of all time.

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22 The Inbetweeners

I hope you guys are talking about the UK version, because it is absolutely amazing.

Greatest T.V. Show of all time. Didn't expect it to be this high but I'm happy

Why so low? You have flipping SOUTH PARK above this amazing show! It's brilliant, everyone of all ages (even though they may not admit it) loves the sarcastic and vulgar humour. It's one of the few shows I can watch every episode over and over again and it only seems to get more funny every time! Such a great show (the UK version obviously) :D

Like shameless the Yank version is bastardised version which should be destroyed, deleted beyond recovery from youtude, Amazon, Google, etc and the living swarn to secrecy.

However the origin is the dogs b - elfman73

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23 Married With Children Married With Children Married... with Children is an American television live-action sitcom that aired on Fox, created by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt. Originally broadcast from April 5, 1987 to June 9, 1997, it is the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on Fox, and the first to be broadcast in the network's primetime more.

By far my all time favorite comedy show! I pretty much watch it whenever it's on... I just love it.

every episode is just fantastic

This is such a time honored example of silliness, hilarity, and off the wall, outlandish television comedy. It should easily be included in any list of greatest comedy shows!

This is my favorite comedy show of all time. I have viewed every episode and have never seen a bad one! Low brow, slapstick, funny. I became "Bundified" from the very first episode! GO-O-O-O BUNDY'S! - Terrax

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24 Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation, informally known as Parks and Rec, is an American political comedy television sitcom starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a perky, mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks Department of Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana.

The best by far when it comes to straight comedy, friends and the others are more feel good shows but they deserve to be first.

I STILL wish this show would get the ratings it deserves. It works because it uses its characters so well, you laugh at them just making their way through life. The characters are all so kind towards one another. It's never really mean-spirited (after the admittedly terrible first season). Best characters are Ron Swanson, April Ludgate, and Andy Dwyer. Watch it, you'll love it! Start with season 2 though.

Great cast. Hilarious scripts and original, well written jokes! Warning: Intense Laughter may occur!

2nd only to the Office - m18230

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25 Futurama Futurama Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

This and Robot Chicken undoubtedly deserve higher placement on this list. However, Futurama furthered what Matt Groening accomplished even with the likes of the Simpsons, with utterly hilarious, but also well conceived, characters, and endlessly entertaining plotlines. The Simpsons is a classic, but which show is funnier, and more consistently so? Futurama. (Somebody with a profile, please, please, PLEASE post Aqua Teen Hunger Force. )

Smart, creative, hilarious, visually pleasing and a pop culture fan's delight. It's place on the list as of yet makes sense, though; most 'Family Guy' type audiences today ignore this comedy because it's typically non-offensive. That's why I like it; it doesn't (usually) try to be funny. It just uses setting and logical writing for humor.

The show should definitely be in the top ten. I've watched the series over six times, and I really like how it's funny every episode, yet it still can have meaning in its episodes.

Seasons 1-4 were perfect, but 5-8 were average at best with only a handful of good episodes. It should have not been revived to be honest.

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26 Everybody Loves Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond

This show is so real and down to earth and relatable! Its hilarious too! Haha there will never be a great show like this in a long time. How I Met Your Mother and the big bang theory suck compared to Everybody loves Raymond!

Captures perfectly the humor to be found in the everyday irritations of real families. Amazingly just as relevant now, as when it was made.

The best comedy ever, real life situations with hilarious scenes and great actors

Every show is laugh out loud funny and so realistic. It should be in the top five!

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27 The Andy Griffith Show

I grew up on the re-runs of this excellent comedy. Each show have a take away ethical principle without being "preachy".

28 The King of Queens

Love love love this show doug as kevin james awesome

29 That 70's Show

Between all the circles in the basement, Red's emphatic "dumbass" remarks, and a burnt-out hippie named Leo this show has some hilarious moments. The awesome intro song also by far the best for any T.V. show ever. - LukeDaDuke2

One of the best comedy show of all time

You guys are unbelievable! This show is top 5 for sure! One of the best shows in history. I've seen every episode over and over again and I still cannot stop laughing watching it!

Should be top 10

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30 The Office (UK)

The fact that the US version is rated higher than this upsets me, Ricky Gervais is a comedy genius

British comedy at its best. Cringe fest.

More than just a comedy... touching, brilliantly acted and bloody great.

Man this is funnie

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31 Father Ted

I've watched every episode of this a hundred times, and it is still laugh out loud hilarious, the sign of a truly classic comedy! Without a doubt one of the greatest comedies of all time, and in my opinion it's the best ever made!

Under-ranked on this list because it is lesser known. Honestly the funniest show ever made by a long shot.

If I watched it every day, I would still laugh at it's whitty humour and hilarious plot lines. - Martinglez

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32 The Three Stooges

just the best for everything the sound effects are also great

I cannot believe my eyes, the generation actually knows about good shows!?!?! - luisprado

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33 Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm in the Middle is an American television sitcom created by Linwood Boomer for the Fox Broadcasting Company . The series was first broadcast on January 9, 2000 and ended its six-year run on May 14, 2006, after seven seasons and 151 episodes . The series received critical acclaim and won a Peabody more.

I have never laughed out loud so much as when I watch Malcolm in the Middle! The dialogue is so fast and witty that I have to keep rewinding it to hear the jokes I missed due to my laughter drowning the next scene out. Every line is written to perfection and delivered the same way. There are almost TOO MANY funny lines in most episodes that it seems like a waste to not spread them out over many more seasons. They take every possible situation to the extreme of both poles and deliver a perfect sarcastic, satirical experience.

It is the best show ever. There is no age restriction for shows like these. Wish they extended the show.
I have never met such a hilarious yet realistic plot with lines that guarantee instant laugh out loud from the viewers. It deserves to be on the top of this list.

So funny and clever! I can't believe that this is not rated higher! And the best about it: it works perfectly without these super-annoying audience laughter sounds.

I just can say it's amazing

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34 Dharma & Greg

Hippie loves a yuppie and somehow they bring 2 hilarious families together. Classic! In my top 10 all time (my hippie wife's too).

35 Ed, Edd n Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Canadian-American animated comedy television series created by Danny Antonucci for Cartoon Network, and the sixth of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The series revolves around three preteen boys: Ed, Edd "Double D," and Eddy—collectively known as "the Eds"—who live in a suburban more.

South park should be number 1 and ed, edd n eddy should be number 2!

Cartoon Network's greatest show ever made. - nelsonerica

36 Community

I can't express how much I love this show, it is so original and different without being ridiculous and has so much fun and excitement in every episode without repeating itself. Has so many hilarious moments and scenarios that makes it fun to watch, I've watched so many comedies such as friends, scrubs, big bang theory, how I met your mother, modern family, Seinfeld, Simpsons and more but community is number one for me and it only has three seasons out. - DylanW96

The only reason this show isn't in the top 5 right now (like it should be) is because not many people have seen it. But this shows is HANDS DOWN my favorite show of all time. Classic characters that are new and refreshing. It's rolling on the floor laughing funny! Super original once you've watch it all you'll want to go to Greendale! - JaeDi

Fantastic Show. Brimming with originality and excellent concepts and with a fantastic team of actors and writers. The jokes and storylines are very funny and episodes can go into groundbreaking formats, yet still being down-to-earth and deep with feeling (eg: The stop-motion clay christmas episode). More people really should watch this show. - JoshGleek24

U just can't get enough of everything in this show

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37 Chappelle's Show

Funniest show of all time. Made fun of different races, but only to show you how stupid each stereotype was. Neal and Dave are comedy legends.

This is not 42, at all. Dave Chappelle is a hilarious comedian. And every episode is so funny. Friends, Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, or any other stupid sitcom should not be in front of this show.!

Best show ever that's all I have to say

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38 Curb Your Enthusiasm

Following Larry David in his semi-fictionalized life dealing with his wife, his manager, his manager's wife, and all the rest of the trouble he gets himself into on a day-to-day basis is always good for a laugh. - LukeDaDuke2

Its pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good

Larry David is pure genius

39 The Royle Family
40 Archer Archer

Seriously? #123? With 0% of the votes? Archer is a sure fire top ten. The first series is pure comedic gold. Best cartoon ever, and that's competing against South Park and Family Guy. So underrated.

41? This show is hilarious, a perfect balance between mature and immature.

How in the name of Kenny Loggins is Archer all the way back here? Funniest/smartest animated show in a long, long, LONG time! I emplore anybody who hasnt seen it, to do so now! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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