Top Ten Date Movies

The Top Ten

1 Notting Hill

Funny and beautiful, with sense of humor, the actors were great and right for the role, it's a feel good movies of all time

2 50 First Dates

so sad but a funny movie rob is hilarious!

3 Dating The Enemy
4 Step Up
5 She's The Man
6 The Wedding Singer
7 While You Were Sleeping
8 10 Things I Hate About You
9 Meet the Parents
10 Heartbreakers

The Contenders

11 Just My Luck
12 The Wedding Date
13 Ever After - A Cinderella Story
14 Armageddon

The guys love the action, the girls love the story. Its a winner! - LadyLioness

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15 She's All That
16 Pulp Fiction

If I watched Pulp Fiction with a hypothetical girlfriend (I'm happily single) and she loves it, I will have found somebody. - BeatlesFan1964

17 My Sassy Girl
18 Blind Dating
19 A Cinderella Story

I voted from this movie from my heart funny, sad, romance movie. I've been watching this movie for like 1000000 times

20 The Perfect Man

This movie has that unique things fun, sad ways to get a man you dream of

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