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1 Omnimon

I chose omnimon because it is the strongest digimon ever!!! It is also been digivovled from the two strongest digimon Wargreymon and Metelgarurumon!!

omnimon is the strongest digimon (that is true I watch the show)

Just like Goku & vegeta fusion, wargreymon and metalgarurumon are the most epic digimon fusion ever...!

Omnimon is not even in the top 10 strongest. Most people think he is strong with his all delete attack. But that's only a attack, Apocalymon can use his attack to wipe out 2 dimensions! Omnimon couldn't even defeat Dexmon! And IF Omnimon's all delete attack is the strongest. That doesn't mean Omnimon himself is the strongest. just like saying Seraphimon with is rising halo attack that creates a big bang! And a level 1 goldeen with its horn drill attack that does an instant KO. So that is my reason ( and someone eles ) why Omnimon IS NOT THE STRONGEST.

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2 Kari

Shes one of the cutest characters ever.
Shes really nice and sweet.

She is the cutest Digidestined ever. She's also cute when she was a small child in the movie. Digimon Adventure 1 version of her is the cutest!

Super cute! Shes awesome, best digidestined ever, and a very epic back story

Hikari/Kari is one of the best little sisters in anime and I wish I had a little sister like Hikari/Kari. N'aw

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3 Angamon

Angimon is a very strong digimon
He my favorite digimon even in the show. I can't believe he died in the show he was so strong he left his partner

Very powerful digimon. He's saved the children in many critical situations.

He is a hope of light..

I like because so powerful and great digimon

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4 Agumon

My Most favorite Digimon for Past, Present & Future. It can digivolve into shinegreymon (burst mode)

Argh! I forgot who all these guys are. Except for agumon the yellow dinosaur thing. - quazzie834

agumon can digivolve to the biggest digimon I ever seen.

Because agumon is so cute and silly but they strong digimon

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5 Beelzemon

Hands down the strongest digimon to exist. Beelzemon is so cool. No other digimon can match up to this powerhouse! Also is he from Brooklyn? He sounds like he is. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side that's for sure!

His development and turning from a villain to a hero make him one of the better characters, not just for his power (which he admittedly has great amounts of), but also for his story arc.

Beelzemon is the coolest digimon ever why don't the creators make a special movie for him as a hero... Or his storyline from in training to mega or his origin story..

Definitely the coolest digimon ever! Corona Destroyer!

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6 Wargraymon

ya unless angamon is supposed to be angemon, the champion form of patamon, then its him but other than that

Wargraymon is just perfecz. He synthesis defense-attack-speed. His special move is like a planet of fire. Also most of us think that fire types are the best. He is also my favourite digimon of all.

Coolest and best ever! His attack is like spirit bomb of goku!

He's so strong and smart

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7 Yamato Ishida

I love how he developed during the first season. I simply love his character! He takes care of everybody even though you can't always see it!

Yeah this one nailed it, a great character, deserves be more high.

I don't care what some people say about him, He is (and always will be) the best digimon character to me.

Best character ever!

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8 Ken

To me Ken is the best character in digimon. His past is really heartbreaking and sad, and after he realised what he had done as the digimon emperor he felt sorry for everything and he was so ashamed of himself, he tried his hardest to make up for all the terrible things he had done and when the digidestined wanted him to join them he felt like he didn't deserve their forgiveness. Ken is an amazing and strong character and I really truly love him and I'm proud of him for realising all the awful things he did and trying to make up it. And it's a plus that he is very handsome.

He's so cute *-* And his German voice is the best voice ever! His story is interesting and sad... It never gets old. I love Ken

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9 Keenan Crier

Unexpectedly voiced by the queen of tsundere in the Japanese dub...

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10 Marcus Damon

Marcus was one of the coolest human characters in the digimon franchise. Come on admit it we were all getting sort of tired of the main character in the digimon seasons having goggles and marcus breaking that trend was one of the best things. But what I love the most about him is his personality due to the fact that unlike everyone else who lets their digimon do all the hard work, marcus actually throws a few punches at the bad guy.

Tugh, adventurous, Heroic, a street fighter. Those are the qualities of Marcus Damon. He's hilarious and nothing more needs to be said.

I totally disagree, first of all why he didn't broke his hand while punching the very first Digimon?

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? Omegamon Zwart V 1 Comment

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11 Devimon

Who ever liked devimon before. I don't know who does but who ever does is crazy

12 Impmon

Yay impmon! He's so kick butt and cool. - Technorap

The coolest of all Digimon. He is evil, and that's how I like him!

He is my partner! This little monster belongs to Alex and nobody els can have him HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHA! He's the best and will burn anyone who thinks otherwise BADDA BOOM! Man I love that! He's so awesome! And just wait till he's Beelzemon! Oohoohoo your in trouble!

The same with Beelzebumon!

13 Tk Takaishi

He had he crest of Hope, as in I HOPE he shows up again in digimon.

He is the best even better than his brother

He is so cute and handsome.

He is so cute.

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14 Black Metalgarurumon V 2 Comments
15 Gatomon

Black Tailmon is obviously a superior choice; there is no better Digimon. But Tailmon may be the next best thing.

She faced a very different and hard life than others and has an excellent personality which is mix of caring and sarcastic at times. Deserves to be in top 10 at least!

Because gatomon ultimate digimon

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Gatomon is the most ADOREABLE thing in the world!

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16 Wizardmon

I don't think he should be this high, there are a lot better.

He's the coolest ever!

Wizardmon soulde be in the top ten, course his a bad ass!

Corse his the coolst.

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17 Keramon

Despite being one of Diablomons and Armageddemons first forms, he shouldn't be this high, the characters still overcome him.

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18 Devidramon

He only appeared a lot and do anything.

19 Magnamon
20 Thomas H. Norstein V 2 Comments
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