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61 Rika

I don't get why people pass up Rika for all the other digimon characters. To me she was cool

62 Lilithmon

Who says they have to be good, note I am basing this off her Demon Lord status, not the version in Digixros wars

63 Jeri Katou

She is nice caring and lost her partner

Hey! Who put Jeri here? She is a cute kid... Till you get farther in the season... Eek! Her puppet is cute to until it starts talking without Jeri! The poor kid has the saddest life ever to begin with! Then to top it, Beelzemon happened to murder her Loved Leomon that she had for like 3 days! Great job! That didn't scar her at all! I still kind of like beelzemon though... Oh god! That poor kid! Well, she still has my vote as a great character!... :( - Technorap

Jeri is..ok...I'd like her better if she was with Takato more. Hey, I'm a romantic and I like these things..

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64 Black Tailmon

Black Tailmon (alt: BlackTailmon, BlackGatomon)
Adult-level Digimon

Of all Digimon, there exists none whose power approaches that of the legendary Black Tailmon. Such is Black Tailmon's power that it caused the distortions in the Digital World responsible for the creation of the D-Reaper in the Tamers universe and for Apocalymon's appearance in the Adventure universe.

"She lives in the darkness and disappears into the darkness, a black Tailmon who walks the night. "

In short, there will never be another Digimon who will equal Black Tailmon in awesomeness.

65 Gaomon

It's a adorable boxing Shiba Inu puppy, WHOEVER WROTE THAT! - DeeDeeDigimon

What is better then a boxing wolf

66 MetalGreymon
67 Betamon
68 WarGrowlmon
69 Imperialdramon PM
70 Boltmon

Hi! This is not technorapter7. I am just here to say, Boltmon Is THE BEST digimon to ever walk ANY WHERE! When Pumpkinmon turns into this fun monster, well... WE R GOING TO Kick ALL of your BUTTS! Oh god is he beautiful! I admire this awesome Frankenstein! Boltmon & Brittany RULE DIGI- LAND! I love his axe SOOO MUCH! We will have the time of our lives! Eating cheeseburgers & going to the park & hanging with my friends! Totally have a bolt-astic time! Peace out from Brittany & Boltmon! - Technorap

71 Shoutmon V 1 Comment
72 Lillymon
73 Black Shoutmon

Black shoutmon is the strongest

74 BurningGreymon

In digimon fronterier remember when he went totally bonkers attacking bettlemon and kendogaruamon AND Tommy

75 Guilmon
76 Azulongmon
77 ChaosPiedmon

So over powered!

78 Dorulumon

I know he's from digimon fusion but he's like the best character ever so BADASS

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79 Knightmon
80 MagnaAngemon

Gate of destiny one shots any digimon

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