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201 Specimen A
202 Calvertron
203 DJ Screw

Dj screw is better than all these kats he should be number one he put houston on the map he deserves to be number 1

204 Chris Jackson
205 Dada Life

Have any other dj's tried to make their own nation? No, dada life have. Dada life seem like amazing people, they always play go the fans and their sets are lively, they also spend thousands on bananas and champagne, I can't believe that dada life aren't better the David Guetta, he can't Dj at all, though he is a talented producer LONG LIVE THE DAA

206 Basanov
207 DJ Ani
208 Excision

He is so awesome with his music everyone should give him a try he deserves number 1 spot

209 FuntCase
210 DJ Akman
211 Ry Legit
212 Nervo
213 Bayu Ody V 1 Comment
214 Earle Bailey
215 George Taylor Morris
216 Axwell

I haven't even heard of DJ Tiesto._. And Axwell isn't already on this list? Come on guys!

The best producer/DJ of all time. Been part of the best electronic group of all time (Swedish House Mafia), having an amount of success in his solo career ("Nothing but love", "I am", "Heart is king", "Feel the vibe",...), having one of the most reputadly label (Axtone) in the industry for 11 years (and counting); and forming with his friend Sebastian Ingrosso (also "exmafioso") one of the best electronic couple in the scene right now.

V 1 Comment
217 Reid Stefan
218 Gregori Klosman
219 DJ Chuckie
220 Lost Stories

Just listen to their How You Like Me Now

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