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101 John Peel

Seriously? Does this vote need an explanation?

Can't believe he's not higher. RIP

102 Felix Hernandez
103 DJ Smash
104 Klayton (Celldweller)

Not only can this guy orchestrate awesome electronic masterpieces, his lyrical skills and vocals are unmatched, especially by other djs. How many djs do you know that sing, and not only sing, but sing well?

105 Sid Wilson

Just listen to the turn ables in Slipknot's (sic) - Lem

He has done this since 1990 so yeah he is pretty good

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His current rank of 2016 is within top 20..this blog is crap

He should be in the top 10...check out dharma and bazaar and u ll get it

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107 Wolfman Jack
108 Rodney Bingenheimer
109 Vin Scelsa
110 Geoff Edwards
111 Bonnie Simmons
112 Michael Tearson
113 DJ D-Wrek
114 Lee Gray
115 Paul Oakenfold

Tranceport Album. Yes it is old. I guess me too. But please tell me if some of the younger dj's have come up with such a

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116 Uppermost

You got to try listen to, different, flashback and independent

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117 Madeon

Why is Madeon all the way down here?

118 Eric Prydz

Um what why 181 he should be in the top 5, this man is a legend!

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119 DJ Yella DJ Yella Antoine Carraby, better known by his stage name DJ Yella, is an American DJ, record producer and film director from Compton, California.
120 Rick Dees
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