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21 Computer Designer
22 Paleontologist

I love dinosaurs, so I want to learn more about them, and possibly discover a new species. - thelegendaries101

23 Professional Poker Player V 2 Comments
24 Marine Biologist V 1 Comment
25 Biologist V 2 Comments
26 Astronaut

Don't even need words to justify why this should be number 1. Astronaut is THE dream job.

I'll cut it short; Why not?

Ha, this should be one. I would love to die from jumping into a black hole (assuming I would die, but probs) - Hmv1998

I have decided my fate

Supernova Blast

So yeah that's my perfect job. - njalabi63989

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27 Stunt Person V 2 Comments
28 President of the United States

Taking control of the most powerful country would be the best - JesusChrist

But being everyone's savior, like you, is better. Plus, you get to live in heaven. - ethanmeinster

Yea almost anyone can do it but that second grader bush is doing it now lol.

I guess I can understand why someone would want to be president, but the stress would be enough to kill me. - Elric-san

I wouldn't like this because the whole TTT community would either worship me like a god or hate me and neither seem nice - Enderninja327

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29 Scientist

Unravel the secrets of nature. Now that's a job right there. Oh hai, yeah I discovered how you can fly that thing.

This is definitely my dream job! I cannot wait until I'm older and apply for NASA. - RockFashionista

This isn't on top 10 list? Guess more and more are getting dumb today.

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30 Stay At Home Parent

Only people that don't have kids could vote anything besides stay-at-home-parent as the best job in the world!

Not a good job it may be easy but it will get boring

I'd love to be a stay at home mom! - rochelle42

No offense but it's not even a job and you can't live without job how can you earn money for food,water and the tuition fee for your child?!

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31 Bill Gates' Job

He owns Microsoft and if you want to be the new owner it may cost more than 1000000000 dollars I don't think you want his job

For your information, According to my dad (He is a worker for microsoft)
He is an IT (Information Technology) They create websites,apps,stuff like math solver or writing thingy

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32 Herpetologist
33 Astronomer V 1 Comment
34 Tour Guide
35 Meteorologist

My dream job. I want be a meteorologist that goes out and chases the storms

My dream job. I would want to chase tornadoes and have this job.

36 HIt Man

You get to go around and kill people! For Money! And Hit Man never feel bad about it, so your could go around and take care of all the people you hate! You could be like someone from the Bourne Movies or Kill Bill.

Everyone dreams of killing someone specially if he is your enemy, more good looking, smart ass, and ass.

I don't like this job because killing someone would be on my conscience forever - Enderninja327

Another dream job for me.

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37 Baker

This would be an amazing job- all you ever do for your job is bake! Not to mention you get to taste the cake batter

38 Clinical Psychologist

I really want to be a psychologist because I find it to be so interesting. I don't really care about the money. - MusicalPony

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39 Entertainer
40 Food Critic

Uh huh I would support it because I'm a food critic

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