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81 Neurosurgeon

I'd wish to have this, though it may be to hard.

V 1 Comment
82 Bed Tester

Rest assured that would always be me.

83 Software Engineer
84 Mattress Tester V 1 Comment
85 Chef

It's my life's dream, I really want to be a chef! - HappyGarrett

86 Teacher

I'm not too sure about it.

YOU GET THE SUMMER OFF - Enderninja327

Id love to be a teacher it would be cool bossing people around but probs a primary school toeacher

This is me.:D

87 Astrophysicist
88 Pope V 3 Comments
89 Personal Assistant for 'Britney Spears'
90 Judge
91 Vetrinary Surgeon
92 Fighter Pilot

BINGO! What could be more awesome than zooming through the air and around mountains, deserts, oceans, islands etc. Etc. At 2000 / MPH? Flying upside down and in loops. Racing your fellow comrades and just being free from the world, so tightly strapped in to an aerodynamic cockpit with loads of power on both sides of you, and feeling the oodles of G-FORCE sucking you into your seat while you drive the absolute SNOT out a multi-million dollar machine that you don't own, yet treat it like a child or Girlfriend / Mistress of yours. Laugh out loud! I think we have a winner!

The earthbound equivalence of an astronaut (yeah, I know, not really)
To be able to travel faster that the speed of sound's gotta be something, even though it's very demanding.

93 Gym Instructor
94 Firefighter

Greatest job in the world, you get to save lives and help people in need. If your in it, it's because you love it. The training required keeps you in shape your whole life.

95 Counselor
96 Forum Administrator

I want to be an admin of websites like this one - ronluna

97 Paradise Island Caretaker V 1 Comment
98 CIA Agent V 1 Comment
99 Journalist

Everyday you are get to meat famous people, celebs etc..

100 Highway Patrol
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