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121 Painter V 1 Comment
122 Rapper

I want to be a rapper for the rest of my life

I want to be a rapper all day long

V 2 Comments
123 Gymnastics Coach

I go to gymnastics every day so this might be my job and if you go to gymnastics, this is a great job for you.

124 Air Hostess
125 Musician
126 Music Manager V 1 Comment
127 Construction Worker

This job is a job that the new world is Mosley depending on. No matter in what expect.

128 Weapon Dealer
129 Truck Driver

Long hours on the highway, epic scenery, mountains, deserts, forests, big cities, and then after a long days driving, steak and potato dinners, and then breakfast buffets to give you energy for the day ahead, it's the perfect job, traveling all over and getting paid for it

These guys are crazy, no one in India follows trafic rules. The truckdrivers in northern India drive up the Himalaya like it was a Formula 1 Grand Prix. They drive on the wrong side of the road (for them, that is) just for fun and even in corners up in the mountain, when they can't see anything going on behihnd. I saw a show about this on television and on their way to their destination, they almost crashed 34 times! And crashed for real once (well their wheel broke due to another car driving into to it) These guys are crazy!

130 Stock Trader

Make millions if you r smart

131 Reptile Breeder V 1 Comment
132 Fish Breeder
133 Dentist
134 Male Stripper V 1 Comment
135 Lion Tamer
136 Hustler Photographer
137 Priest

I want to be a priest when I grow up.

138 Visual Effects Supervisor V 1 Comment
139 Creative Director
140 Flower Arranger
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