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141 Trapeze Artist

Call me crazy but this has been my dream job since I was five. I'm in my twenties and still wish upon a star for this.

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142 Salesman V 1 Comment
143 Ship Navigating Officer

Drive the largest moving masses on the earth
... The Ships under his control over the high Oceans of world...

144 Dubbing Actor
145 Surgeon

You get to cut people open and dissect them during training.

146 Ben and Jerry's Taste Guru

These people make LOTS OF MONEY trying random desserts in posh restaurants all over the world (they don't even have to pay restaurant bills or travel fees)

147 Illustrator

I mean this will be the most exciting job for anyone... Fusion of art and tech. Will be awesome - Neeoo

148 Gynecologist
149 Graphic Novelist
150 Naturalist
151 Brewmaster

Consider yourself a beer connoisseur? Brew up your own drinks and maybe sneak in a sip on the job. - Ben15

152 Railroad Engineer

Good pay good benefits stay single for this one guys she'll leave you! mine did

153 Cartoonist

Cool like I could be in Horrid Henry and all LOL

154 Button Maker
155 Prime Minister of India
156 Chief Minister
157 Waiter
158 Video Game Composer
159 System Administrator
160 Server Administrator
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