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161 Chemist
162 Retired

I wish I was retired and I'm only 17 - crazyeyes56

retired...with the stipulation of being retired and RICH!

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163 Pilot

Great as a passion. Not so great for a profession

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164 Historian
165 Drug Dealer
166 Soldier

Its not the best job in the world its more like the worst job in the world. The crap outweighs th

167 Software Developer
168 Airplane Pilot
169 Doctor

Too bad why is Doctor so low? It's my dream job and its helpful it cure people's injury or sickness it's just awesome being a doctor

It is my dream to become a doctor I I want that dream to come true

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170 Game Show Assistant

LOLL. get payed mucho for just touching stuff.

ROFl you touch stuff for a living LOL - supreme

171 Professional WWE Wrestler

It would be neat getting your bones crushed on LIVE TV! And going through Hell in a cell matches and iron man matches! And having my own theme song!

And my own awesome ring attire! And bad ass tattoos! Oh and a bad ass name!

I was one, and it was fun until you have 5 herniated discs. I can barely walk now. I would rather be #28, world dictator.

I might get lucky with John Cena!

I can't wait to I get in WWE! - toy

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172 Police Officer

I am 14 years old I always wanted to become a Police officer and still is my Dream job

I could become police officer to catch the suspects - SpencerJC

173 World Dictator

You know, if I was the leader of everyone on planet Earth, I'd make our anthem Bohemian Rhapsody, and I'd give everyone what rights they want or need. No hunger. Uh, no school, no one being poor. Everyone is equal. Well, except really really bad people. :-S

We would all be screwed if there was a world dictator, he'd just be like ALL the MONEYS GO TO ME and wed all die of starvation

easy job people just cower in your fearatude.

174 Bird Breeder
175 Female Stripper

Really who would like to well it wouldn't be too bad but

176 Lawyer
177 Professional Slob
178 Lady Doctor
179 Condom Tester

Hell Yeah


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