This song is really beautiful in every single way! Rudess' continuum draws the reader in and is easily one of my favorite Rudess moments. Then comes the soft intro from Petrucci and the beginning, lyrics by Petrucci is here to draw you in and sway to the music. Then comes Medicate, by James Labrie. Myung is a real rocker in this part and after this part, the explosion. God, doesn't Rudess' synth makes you explode and smile? This is when the song picks up and comes some really trippy lyrics, but still very fun nonetheless, then comes a fantastic instrumental. Did you guys catch the Jingle Bells Easter egg by Rudess? Also, sleigh bells seem to be ringing. Then is Intervals by Portnoy. This is easily one of the most dramatic parts in any Dream Theater song as Labrie screams. Then, is Razor's Edge by Petrucci with some enchanting lyrics and the ending solo. The ending solo is so beautiful as it contains passion rivaling The Best of Times. The end is when the Root of All Evil note plays ...more

An odyssey of a song no doubt, this song takes me on a journey through the depths of the Earth, to places unexplored and full of wonder. It takes me around the circle of rock history, presenting a variety of famous rock songs through the lyrics of Portnoy. Octavarium is far more than just a song. Octavarium is a piece of art, a musical masterpiece, structured in a unique way, containing themes, and filled with secrets many of the listeners are probably unaware of.
I would love to go into detail about what Octavarium truly displays behind its genius melodies and solo's, but I will leave it for you do discover yourself. An adventure awaits. And that adventure is enhanced with the true knowledge of the song.

Well, it's taken me a year and a half, but I'm finally here. This will be my 1,000th comment on TheTopTens, so I decided to make it a good one! This song honors the perfect format a song should take, which is that of a book. You have a nice and slow introduction to set the mood, then slowly build and build and get more intense throughout the whole song. Then comes the climax, when the song is at its peak. After that, the song slows down and an ending is established. This song perfectly executes that format, and not to mention with amazing instrumentals, and great lyrics coming from a perfect voice. This really is the perfect song. - Songsta41

When John Petrucci was born, a single tear of God fell to earth and became the essence of what Octavarium would become. For never before have twenty-four minutes and one second destroyed the foundations of magnificence, only to rebuild a more immaculate kingdom than before. Octavarium is the pinnacle of Dream Theater. In each of those seconds, Dream Theater added a new dimension to music, and a new emotion never felt before. Octavarium is the nectar of musical perfection, the finest music beheld by human ears. Octavarium is Dream Theater.

Best song ever in my opinion.. It has references to most of the best prog bands and it just flows together brilliantly. To be honest, Pull Me Under is pretty bad compared to this, actually not even comparable. Not saying Pull Me Under sucks though, its still much better than all of the other bands music. Give this one a second listen and I'm sure you will all feel the perfectness!

Legendary, it should go down as one of the best songs of all time musicality wise. The first time I ever heard the song, I got goosebumps, and I am sure everyone else that has ever heard it also got the same feeling. It is a work of art, and shows off Jordan and John in the way that their instruments should really be played. This song, by far, is the best Dream Theater song out there.

This one is so good that the other composers may stop composing as well. Absolute masterpiece of music, and in my humble opinion this is one of the best songs ever written. By the way, Pull me under made them popular, but it doesn't even get close to genius of "Octavarium" or their other epic songs like Count of Tuscany or In the Presence of our enemies.

One time on the bus I made an involuntary orgasm sound about 20 minutes in at the climactic symphonic melody before the final epic "we move in circles" chorus. I got some strange looks from most people, but I held up my ipod with pride to show what song was playing, and an obvious fellow fan nodded and smiled understandingly. Favourite DT song in the world!

One of my ALL TIME FOVORITES! This song is so epic and fantastic and the only reason why this would be #2, probably is because most people would'nt listen to it because it is SOO LONG! Who wants to listen to 23:58 of music? But it is FANTASTIC! I URGE YOU! LISTEN TO IT! - moose4life19

Has to be Octavarium for me, and I think A Change Of Seasons should be a close second on this list. Octavarium moves me like no other song that ever existed, and is probably the greatest prog metal song that was ever assembled. Their new album is smoking also, and am happy to see that they are still fresh in their music. Long live Dream Theater!

This song is brilliant, the musicianship is incredible. You can obviously hear influences from Pink Floyd in this song too (especially the intro). It was a hard choice between this and Metropolis which is also a great song. And to be fair I first heard DT on Guitar Hero and now they are one of my favorite bands, and I certainly don't think that Pull Me Under is anywhere near their top 10 best songs. But it certainly got me hooked! 10/10 for Octavarium!

The instrumentals on this song are great. The vocals and lyrics, however, are sub-par by Dream Theater standards. Therefore, it doesn't deserve the number one spot. The number one song should be the best of the best. I implore you all to not just vote for the longest stand-alone Dream Theater song.

This isn't just a song, its like a flowing river. When you start the track you start swimming in the river. The flow is slow and steady at first and then you go through some rapids, some almost stagnant parts and also lot of fast but still elegant flows. It is indeed a masterpiece.

Nothing like it. Truly an inspired song that everyone should at least listen to once.. And get hooked in by it musical genius. Dream Theater never tries to be anything but itself. I recommend this "experience" to everyone I know.

Octavarium is a true epic masterpiece, from Rudess's continuum intro, to the epic grand finale at the end. It should definitely be number 1. After all this is a list of the best DT songs of all time, not the most popular.

No wasted moments, 24 minutes of pure emotion building into a majestic climax. The song that something that will make you wish you've written.

A progressive metal masterpiece and greatest long duration song ever, it is 24 minutes long and it's not boring. Dream Theater guys are such a geniuses! It deserves to be on top! - malamJONES

Great goodness. this is even to me, being absolutely non-talented in music (i can't even hear different rhythms) the greatest song ever made - there was a time when I thought I wasn't worth listening to this masterpiece!

This song is the reason why I like progressive rock music. I put it on, laid in bed, and when it was over, there was no going back. Music from then on was just different.

Man dam cool this is one of the best dream theater songs and as it is an amazing band it is worth listening to so this should be before pull me under and should be followed by in presence of the enemies...

I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, this reminds me of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. That's why I love it! I can hear they are inspired by the true greats of Pink Floyd!

Pull me under is the most popular DT song, but the most complete song is obviously Octavarium: listen the mechanics of the opera and bow to the magic of the "theater of dreams"!

My favourite band I love every single member and this song, the change of music, like from slow music to some fast rock, this is an EPIC CONCEPT. LOVE YOU DREAM THEATER (especially John Petrucci)

Everything about this song is PERFECT. The intro, the middle the outro, EVERYTHING! Now, I do see the FULL SCENES FROM A MEMORY to be better but that isn't a choice so... OCTAVARIUM IT IS.

So cleverly written it's unbelievable! The intervals are brilliant! How each set of lines relates to each song in turn from the album.