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21 Another Day

Don't be a fool...
Don't believe in propaganda. Undoubtedly this is the best song of dream theater I've ever listened. It's awesome... Amazing... Fantastic... Wonderful... Mind blowing... It must be placed in number 1(not even this list but also in every music lovers mind).

Who made this absurd list.. Shame on him. They forgot to mention the best song in the top place.

Please listen the dream song of dream theater and browse the world of melody. Good luck fans...

I have listened, listened, listened and still listening thousand time. All my heart goes to this song... Still from childhood. Teardrops fall from my eyes hearing this song.. It need to be 1st on the list...

You guys suck! Another Day is totally one of the bests of Dream Theater.. And my favorite song of them... This deserves to be in the Top 3!

Another amazing song by them (but I guess that's not very hard to come by).

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22 A Nightmare to Remember

This song is possibly one of the few examples of modern metal taking on board the structures and compositional principles of classical music. The motifs are presented and developed in a really clever way.

At least 10 of my top 20 fav songs are by Dream theater, way to hard to pick a favourite, this song should be higher, and so should a change of seasons.

This song is the definition of epic. Goes from super intense to slow and mystical. Put headphones on, and listen to the whole thing through. You'll feel like you just woke up from a nightmare afterwards.

Change of seasons is really my favourite but it gives sever anxiety that this isn't higher

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23 Space-Dye Vest

Dream Theater always strike me for their technical superiority and virtuoso musicianship but I have always found them a little too over produced and somewhat emotionally sterile... Something I'm pretty much will piss a whole lot of Dream Theater fans off and I know loads to disagree. This song on the other hand and for whatever reason has a great deal of punch to it, perhaps it's the (relatively) simple structure compared to other DT songs, but whatever... To me this song feels more REAL.

I can't in good faith call this "Dream Theater's best song, " for this is a Kevin Moore work through and through.

However, it's still one the most intriguing and emotionally heavy pieces of music I've ever heard.

This song is a prime example of what Dream Theater was missing when Kevin Moore left. Only Scenes From a Memory can compete with Images and Words and Awake, and part of that is keyboards. Jordan Rudess is technically amazing, but he lacks the knack for song-writing that Moore brought to the table.

Might not be their best song; but it's very personal and moving. Also The Instruments fit together perfectly and create beautiful sound

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24 The Root of All Evil

Perhaps it is because troae was written and released on octivarium, an admittedly softer and flowery sounding album to contrast the heavy metal bombast that was train of thought. Perhaps it was overlooked because of the epic title opus track. Or simply perhaps it was one record label/album too soon? With roadrunner promoting systematic chaos and portnoys, well dream theaters direction to make a ballsy metal album on systematic chaos. ( which absolutely worked). Unfortunately, the best song dream theater had made as of it's release simply was overlooked by core dream theater fans and unheard by the casual fans who were singing the praises of the u2 fm sounding I walk beside you or the new fans who were jamming away at the ultra manic and ├╝ber heavy at times panic attack. The 2012 tour along with the lead track on score should elevate the root of all evil into the top 10 where it belongs. A song they succeeded on combining their prog virtuosic tendencies with balls out trashy heavy ...more

This is odd. Maybe after the 2012 tour is done, some of these classics will get bumped. On the otherhand, dream theater have made so many classics in so many styles that I guess 29 is a good number. In my young family, my 3 year old daughter, my 7 and 9 year old sons, and myself all try to play the drum intro on their "my first drum kits". And we all try to play the riffs and basslines from the first 2 minutes of this song. My 3 year old daughter sings the chorus. It's a dt classic for sure. THis is the song that has all my kids asking to go to "school of rock" for lessens. I just may go with them. In actuallity, all of the songs written for the 12 steps are incredibly right through the shattered fortress.

Great track from an awesome album

Pull me under above this track? ? ? I don't think so.

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25 Endless Sacrifice

Let me start off by saying "pull me under" is very good. Some people seem to think, that just because people like "pull me under", they have found out about Dream Theater through Guitar Hero and such, which is nonsense. Everyone has different tastes and we should all respect that. The only thing that is slightly strange is if you do not like a band with such, epic music. Most of my freinds are not able to sit through a song that is more than 5 minutes. They like things that are played on the radio and in the charts. Fair enough, I think. But they are missing out. Okay. Lecture over. Now let's get on to this epic song.
James Labrie has an awesome voice and sings really well on this one. It is almost like a ballad. The chorus is the best part though. Absolutely brilliant stuff. This one is actually pretty underrated. The lyrics are thought provoking and some of their best, John Petrucci's guitar is almost as good as it get's and Mike Portnoy's drumming is great as well. What a ...more

Brilliantly composed. Jaw dropping guitar solo. Epic chorus. Simply mind blowing. should be higher up in this list.

This progressive song is just amazingly composed, gives me joy to hear it till the end. What an Energy!

I have to vote for this one because it was the first DT song I had ever heard, by my guitar instructor who introduced them to me. I immediately went out and bought the cd, yeah cd, this was like 10 or so years ago. And you know how when you hear a band for the first time, that first song from them, that first album, always holds that place in your heart, probably as your all time favorite? That's how it is for me. Train of thought, being my first album, is my favorite DT album. That being said... Where the hell is this dying soul?

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26 Under a Glass Moon

I cry every time I hear the solo, just one of the best solos I've heard. And the lyrics are just outstanding. TOP 5!

How is this not in the top ten? This is fantastic from begining to end. Excellent solo, great song structure, and a catchy chorus. What else can you ask for from a dream theater song?

#15? Easily a top 5 song and I have NO IDEA why not very many people like this song.. Excellent guitar solo, and as always Mike Portnoy does a fantastic job on drums

Top 5 songs
5. Octavarium
4. Panic Attack
3. Under a Glass Moon
2. On the Backs of Angels
1. Pull Me Under

We need this higher! - AdamDestructorJr.

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27 Wither

The best there is out there.. cool music video.. Dream Theater rules! Can't wait for their new album to be release sept 2011

What a song in a Hindi movie the music director took the help of a tune at the end of this song and composed the entire song out of it best song must be ranked at the first position

Common, aren't there any real dream theater fans... How can you neglect this song which is easily top ten dream theater song

Seriuosly... This song may not be the most popular but it is superbly composed. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard with one of the best guitar solos ever done (not the fastest but it has SO much feeling! )

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28 The Ministry of Lost Souls

A song an orchestra will have trouble covering..! Its an absolute stunner Takes you to a deep relaxing journey.. Deserves to be top 10.. I believe it's a bit underrated..

#28? This is embarrassing to find this song this low on the list. The best song Dream Theater has ever made, hands down! Incredible vocals, lyrics, keyboard parts, and drumming. Not to mention the very catchy guitar part to close the song... It makes me tear up every time it's just so beautiful

First song I heard by them. best there is. Can't believe this is not number one, or at least in the top ten. It's a complete masterpiece. Best song by them in my opinion. Has a wonderful plot and beautiful structure, melody and feel.

Definitely deserves to be higher

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29 Scarred

What in the world is Scarred doing here at #29? This song is an epic, and an incredible song written by the band, while the lyrics, though talking about depression, are absolutely beautiful, and James LaBrie has his best vocal performance on this song, period. There is no comparison, as LaBrie shows tons of emotion, and has never done a better job than on this, my personal favorite, Scarred.

I show you my hands, you don't see the scars? Maybe you'll leave me here to burn!

That line just gives me goosebumps!

This is one of the most overlooked Dream Theater songs of them all. Along with A Mind Beside Itself, this song helps make Awake a classic.

Scarred has a great bass intro which sets the mood and Labrie's vocals are some of the best on Awake.

This should be Top 10, what is it doing here?
It's an epic song, from the band's second best album, it's full of brilliant parts, beautiful vocal performance and lyrics, and of course it has a magnificent solo.

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30 Take the Time

Best keyboard work I think I've ever heard. Kevin Moore is brilliant with the atmosphere and melody on this one.

Amazing video and vocals from young LaBrie
The whole album is their alfa-omega

We need more of James LaBrie's vocals in this song, I'm talking about the intro. - AdamDestructorJr.

Quintessential early DT sound: proggy, heavy, catchy, incredible instrumental parts

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31 Outcry

Wow I'm absolutely mind blown by two things 1. This song which is epic every time I hear it I get chills down my spine, the chorus and intro riffs are absolutely insane petrucci is a genius, and the lyrics are so powerful and meaningful, 2. This list is completely inaccurate there are so many better songs that the ones I see in the top 20 or even the top 40, why is forsaken so high and songs like outcry, the bigger picture, through her eyes, etc.

One of the best music ever

Such a great and powerful song.

Just ashamed that this song is so low on the list.
Most underrated DT song. Come on people!

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32 On the Backs of Angels

Just listen to this song once and you'll understand why it was their only grammy nominee, to be honest I think that "White Limo" by Foo Fighters isn't as good as this song.

I don't understand why the new songs are so underrated. I think some dumb 90's fans can't accept that sometimes things are changing. In my opinion the new album is the best album and OTBOA is a masterpiece. Never heard such a good construction.

It's insaner than the pull me under.
It must the top one.
The drummer is insane.
Well, everyone of them is insane.
And I'm insane!

How is this not much higher on the list. It's a beautiful song.

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33 Blind Faith

I'm kind of disappointed Blind Faith didn't make it in the top 10. Listening to it now it's a really solid song with pretty powerful lyrics. People must not like that it deals so strongly with religion.

Definitely in my top 10. The instrumental part in the middle is just excellent and the lyrics are very powerful too.

This is a fantastic song, very surprised it isn't rated much higher...

Should be in the top ten without a doubt.

Their best of the 2000's

34 This Dying Soul

How can this song be so far down the list?!?
It is one of my all time favorite songs, it deserves to be at the very least above 20. - yurrmomm123

Deserves to be so much higher! Last 2 and a half minutes are mind blowing

The most amazing song I've ever heard. That's all.

I'm with the other commenters, this song is criminally low.

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35 Honor Thy Father

Could someone explain for me why Honor Thy Father is so low on the list? This progressive metal masterpiece completely triumphs songs such as These Walls and The Spirit Carries On! From the moment the song starts you're aware that this 10 minute epic is pure insanity. Everyone has a key moment throughout the song, with epic drums and vocals keeping persistent, and Myung, Reeves, and Pertucci all having shining moments. A Dream Theater classic!

? How is this below Endless Sacrifice? And at #25? This is easily a top 10 song and the best from Train of Thought simply because I personally like heavier music, and Dream Theater delivers with this! Thumbs up to Mike Portnoy for very creative drumming, Jordan Rudess for neat keyboard effects, and the rest of the band for making this the best from their phenomenal album "Train of Thought"!

Very underrated. One of the most intense and creative songs by Dream Theater in terms of lyrics and technicality. I love how they compiled/fused various movie sound bits for the climactic part. The lyrics, like all DT songs, represent something very deep and complex. Once you hear "Don't cross the crooked step" in a growl, you know they mean business.

This song has one of the best intros I have ever heard. - og214

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36 Hell's Kitchen

This is indeed their best instrumental song. I love it partly because it doesn't take a half an hour to listen to the whole thing! (but don't get me wrong people I still love the longer songs) the drumming is insane, I can't believe that it was not on the hardest songs to play on the drums list. (oh yeah, sure, pull me under is TOTALLY harder than this one!...sarcasm)

The intro paints a picture of the ocean in my head every time I listen to it... No really listen to the intro and just simply think of the ocean and the music will take you there!

This, I think is their greatest track. Elegant and beautifully written Hells Kitchen is unique amongst dt songs. Have another listen, this song only gets better the more you hear it.

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37 Hollow Years

Guys it's a fantastic song... Feel the song... Please vote... It's the second best song of dream theater in my opinion... And last thing is great lyrics...

Damn good song n really good lyrics, loved it!

What! Why this is out of ten

One of best song... Not typical DT song. Awesome composition with grt lyrics.

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38 Bridges in the Sky

When I read that the 2012 tour was opening with "the sun" song. I wasn't entirely sold, don't get me wrong, it's an excellent song but before the concert, I would have picked 3 other tracks from the new album including On the backs of angels & Breaking all illusions. Well I'm glad I was wrong. The amazing thing about DT is they write 10 plus minute opus's yet the melodies, hooks, & especially the chorus's. And now that my 9 year old sings the sun chorus all day long, it just makes me smile. This is a classis DT epic track.

This song is so awesome. I can't stop listening to it!

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39 Fatal Tragedy

The chorus is so epic - I love the backup vocals, and the keyboard right after sounds amazing. Not my favorite DT song, but I thought this deserved to be far higher on the list.

One of the many highlights on this album. The ending is absolutely out of control.

Should be much higher up on the list

Amazing riffs, great atmosphere and lyrics, crazy drumming, creative instrumental part and solo... Very underrated in my opinion. At least in the top 10 of DT

40 The Great Debate

How is this not higer up? A lot of bands tack social issues, but Dream Theater takes on Stam cell research and makes a great song out of it. Just listen to the intro, this songs needs a lot more love. Top 25 easily.

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