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41 The Great Debate

How is this not higer up? A lot of bands tack social issues, but Dream Theater takes on Stam cell research and makes a great song out of it. Just listen to the intro, this songs needs a lot more love. Top 25 easily.

42 Twelve Step Suite
43 Fatal Tragedy

The chorus is so epic - I love the backup vocals, and the keyboard right after sounds amazing. Not my favorite DT song, but I thought this deserved to be far higher on the list.

One of the many highlights on this album. The ending is absolutely out of control.

Should be much higher up on the list

Amazing riffs, great atmosphere and lyrics, crazy drumming, creative instrumental part and solo... Very underrated in my opinion. At least in the top 10 of DT

44 Sacrificed Sons

This might possibly be the saddest songs I've ever heard (although any song about September 11th is going to be sad). All praise their sacrificed sons.

Definitely the most underrated Dream Theater song, along with Voices and Scarred.

45 The Shattered Fortress

What. The. Heck. This is easily a top ten song!

Best by far.. Specially after 8 minutes

All of the 12-Step Suite in one

How is this #47?

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46 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

This song really is underrated. Of the 100 or so dream theater songs, this is in the top 30 for sure. The song has a thoughtful progression with its own energy, but isn't too speedy like Octavarium (which I adore and is about as much better than Pull Me Under as Shadows is better than any song on Train of Thought

Such an underrated song. Not very heavy, but fantastic composition and I can't believe that it's only at the 54th spot.

Fantastic proggresive song shoudl be top 15 at least

47 Trial of Tears

My favorite one from Falling into Infinity which very underrated album in my view.

Come on people. Trial of Tears is an amazing song! It is one of the songs next to Lines in the Sand and Hell's Kitchen that saves FII from sinking too low! One of Myung's greatest masterpiece! At least put it in the top 15 or 20, not 46. The lyrics are charming, Labrie is at his best here. Myung and Portnoy are main players and rock out the entire song. What about the back to back Petrucci/Sherinian solo? I fall in love with those solo's every single time.

Can't believe this one is rated this low. One of the best less heavy songs this band has produced. A true masterpiece. Definitely in my top 10

Not my favourite, but this definitely deserves to be WAY higher.

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48 Overture 1928

Easily their best "short" song--encapsulates an entire album in 3 and a half minutes. Playing this track through Fatal Tragedy on the Scenes from Memory album is how I introduce people to Dream Theater.

My favorite instrumental by them. Not too long, not too short.

How the hell it onli 38! It unbelivible song! My favorite

49 As I Am

Anything which can get better in this song is NOTHING...!
sheer masterpiece.. It should be in top 5..
Hail DT!

This is definitely one of the heavier Dream Theater songs but it is still a completely awesome song. It also has one of the best solos they have ever done. What an amazing song

Great Heavy Metal Prog Song

Big Four with
A Chance Of Seasons
Octavarium - Glauberson

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50 Forsaken

One of the best songs by DT,... What its on 16... And the video is awesome...
And yes its better than the song pull me under

Great song overall; nice riff with guitar and piano

It takes you somewhere and makes you feel like you're floating.
In my opinion it's better than "Pull Me Under".

Someone tell me how this is at no. 50? - BOOGIE69

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51 Perfect Strangers
52 Lie

This was the song which initially got me into DT - the lyrics are great to start with, with a catchy groovy chorus. Then the instrumental sections in the middle and the end, in particular Petrucci's shredding, blew me away and introduced me to a whole new level of music writing! - petrucci75hammet

By far the best song from Awake - great guitar work from Petrucci

53 Disappear

This has one of my favourite chorus' in any song I've ever heard! Yes, it's a deep song, and yes, it's a bit... of the hook, but so is the rest of the album. This is one of my favourite songs of all time... because of one chorus. Wow. And right now I'm blasting Numb (Linkin Park) through my head phones!

In my opinion, this is the only Dream Theater song that effectively brings a heavy hitting amount of emotion without sounding lame.

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54 Lost Not Forgotten

Maybe not the best but this one deserves to be higher, awesome song and the drums are great

Needs to be higher

55 Beyond This Life

This will be on top 5! amazing intro riff and solos (that's insane) and tremendous song (the live versions are incredible too)

Another highlight on Scenes From a Memory, with one of the most difficult guitar solos in Dream Theater's arsenal. Plus it has a fun Frank Zappa rip-off section.

This has to be in the top ten. Amazing song!

The Best Of Metropolis Part 2 - Glauberson

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56 Innocence Faded
57 Misunderstood

Great song from Six Degrees, hints of Kashmir, great vocals, a touch of Echoes in the last few minutes. Listen to the lyrics and this is very much an overlooked piece

6DOIT, with the exception of the title track and The Glass Prison, is a ridiculously underrated album. This is an incredible song with a phenomenal progression!

If this song is on place 48 ti's completely misunderstood

This music in 49 is misunderstood.

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58 Through Her Eyes

The whole ambiance the song sets with the vocal solo in the beginning and the transition to Labrie's vocals just gets you into a relaxed state and the guitar parts of the song are just phenomenal. The song seems to have taken some pink floyd influence and just about nailed every aspect of it.

Yes, it's so underrated and it's their most beautiful song!

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59 Erotomania

This is one of THE essential Dream Theater songs. It is their 2nd best instrumental track behind Dance of Eternity, and for it to be this low on the list is an absolute crime. Shame on anyone who didn't vote for this song; you're no true Dream Theater fan.

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60 Peruvian Skies

Heaviest song. Why is this so far down the list its of one of the underrated song I love this song in live version it plays Metallicas enter sandman

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