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61 The Bigger Picture

Oh really! The old song always win. Why they never give a chance for such a new song from the Self Titled album? This song is great, amazing and beautiful! This should be in top ten, even though this song is a little bit short, but still the instrumental's are far better than any other old song.

A great and emotional song with deep lyrics and an epic chorus!

This songs too underrated, they actually do not give new songs a chance. 1 of their best

One of the few songs I really appreciate from the new albums. So much emotion, so much euphoria overwhelming

62 The Mirror

This was the first Dream Theater song to really get heavy. It's simple, but effective. Kevin Moore's contributions to the ominous tone of the song should not be overlooked. It's something Rudess couldn't figure out until A Nightmare to Remember.

Poetic and with an ambiance feel to it, this dark tasting adrenaline will spike on your tongue, leaving you forget possibly some aspect of yourself while breezing through a crazed parade of your own self-demise.

This is one rocking tune. Not saying it should be in the top 10, but 87 is too low for this song.

63 Never Enough

This song is awesome! This should definitely be in the top 25! Great riff, great lyrics, and a sweet chorus. Rock on Dream Theater!

The hook of the chorus is enough to repel this song right up there, let's do it guys and gals.

Most underrated song of all time

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64 To Live Forever
65 Enigma Machine

The instrumentals in this song are crazy! This song reminds me of an action packed spy movie

Words don't explain how insane this instrumental is

66 Far from Heaven

Off Their new album! This song is amazing the lyrics and music is just perfect. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It should be higher on the list! If you haven't heard it, I recommend you listen to it! Pure amazingness! - dragon13304

This song have a beautiful mensager combinations with a grat singer man!

67 Vacant
68 Caught in a Web

The best off of the Awake album, closely followed by 60 and Erotomania. Also why is The Dance Of Eternity so low down?

Great song, good solo and vocals.

69 The Enemy Inside

This is the first Dream Theater song I've heard. I'm in love with it. If this song is down here, I can't wait to listen to the others. I think it's brilliant, especially the rhythm.

This song is awesome love every part of it specially voice of James LaBrie and guitar of John Petrucci. This song must won grammy - Mansonlooks

Bet just nobody has listened to this track because it's the dream theater's best

Seriously, 73? This should be top 10.

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70 Beneath the Surface

Personally, Scenes From a Memory and Octavarium were my favorite albums, but when I listened to A Dramatic Turn Of Events, I was just blown away. Like the albums I stated, this album sent me on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Beneath the Surface, was the only song that I'd replay over and over again. This song made me replay memories of relationships that I've had with people that have gone south, and this song actually made me cry. This song is underrated and deserves better than 67!

Cried like a little girl when I listened to and watched the blu-ray version of this song, and I want drunk. So powerful.

Sorry but this list should be checked once more... This song deserves at least a rank within 10.

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71 Ytse Jam

The only reason this is so low is probably because pre-Images and Words Dream Theater is largely forgotten. And pre-Images and Words Dream Theater is largely forgettable except for this classic. An absolutely essential song in Dream Theater's history.

72 I Walk Beside You

Definitely not their best song but come on, 97?! This and Strange Deja-vu should be a LOT higher!

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73 Voices

What in the world is Voices doing so far down this list. This is top 10 DT for sure. One of JP's greatest lyrical efforts.

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74 The Looking Glass V 2 Comments
75 One Last Time

Why this is not even in the top 50 is beyond me, it may be a short song, but the chorus and instruments all carry their own weight here. Definitely should be higher.

76 Wait for Sleep

Why has everybody forgotten the smooth touch and the divine quality of sound rendered to our ears in the early 90's by Kevin Moore through by DT?

The piano bit also from learning to live is great

OK, so its basically a mini-DT song compared to their greatest like Octavarium, Under a Glass Moon, Pull Me Under, Metropolis Part 1, and the Count of Tuscany, but its a fantastic song from Kevin Moore's piano part to LaBrie's vocals, its a great song

That Piano is So Awesome, I could listen it 1000 times and still yearn for more.

77 Surrender to Reason

My favorite song off Dream Theater (2013)

78 A New Beginning

One of the, if not the best song on the new album. Wish they could've had more lyrics in it and made it around 10 minutes or longer but it's a blast to listen to

I do agree, probably one of the best songs in the new double LP

Fresh, Progressive, Insane and beauty at the same time

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79 Take Away My Pain

This song tops the list... Do you ever know how much this song means to Petrucci? And how great and meaningful this song is?... Whosoever made this list belongs to deaf and dumb community!

My Goodness, this one at 67? I was practically searching for this song in the list and was astonished. Sure to make close to top ten of this list

Am I blind or is this masterpiece really missing this list?!

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80 Lines in the Sand

This song kind of passed by me when listening to Falling into Infinity for the first time, but then, the 1st time I see DT live they play it and wow, I was so blown away by the epic keyboard intro and the build up to which isn't the most technical solo ever, but Petrucci's most 'hit the nail with every single damn note' solo of 'em all. Labrie at the best I've heard him as well. Everlasting goosebumps throughout the whole song. Come on who's with me? You know what I'm talking about.

This is a spectacular song and the highlight of Falling Into Infinity. Dug Pinnick's guest vocals bring some soul which Dream Theater songs usually lack.

?... Why is this song not even listed?
It's a classic... Best song my far on the FII album. The musical interlude soars in this song... Send a chill up your spine? It's my favorite DT song along with Octavarium. I just can't believe how many dodgy songs are in the top 80... But this isn't listed!

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