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101 The Big Medley The Big Medley

Wow I'm sad that I had to put this on the list myself but it's so cool how they combine all of these classic rock songs but all polished up with their own twist on them. This definitely shouldn't be #101

102 Moment of Betrayal

This song actually surprised me. It kind of had a classic Dream Theater sound to it. Really great song. Can't wait for the new album!

Amazing song. This song, and all of the others on The Astonishing, needs more recognition.

103 Metropolis Part 2 (Demo)

Though it's only a demo, but I like it also. - 8GRND

104 Behind the Veil Behind the Veil
105 Odyssey Odyssey
106 Only a Matter of Time Only a Matter of Time

The only song with Dominici vocals that is a must-listen for any Dream Theater fan.

107 Take Your Fingers from My Hair Take Your Fingers from My Hair

This song is just fantastic. It's such a disappointment it's way down here on the list. More people need to hear this song.

108 Another Won Another Won
109 Just Let Me Breathe Just Let Me Breathe
110 Status Seeker
111 Dystopian Overture Dystopian Overture
112 Ravenskill Ravenskill
113 The X Aspect The X Aspect
114 Chosen Chosen
115 Instrumedley Instrumedley
116 Eve
117 Burning My Soul Burning My Soul
118 6:00 6:00

Personal favorite of mine.
In my opinion, the perfect DT song.
Should be in every true DT fan's Top Ten. - RushmanJon91

Not my favorite, but this is definitely one of Dream Theater's better songs. - Owengresham

No. 2 on my list after Another Day. What a great song!

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119 New Millennium New Millennium

What an absolute travesty that this song is so low. It is one of the highlights of Falling Into Infinity. I guess people hate the Chapman stick?

120 The Dark Eternal Night The Dark Eternal Night

Just what MAN! This song is Masterpiece! Except the part in the middle of the song where it sung like an alien song. But the double bass is just the best! The solo! The shredding! This song is one of their masterpiece!

What is this doing so low. It's the 2nd best song on Systematic Chaos. In the Presence of Enemies gets undue credit for being 25 minutes long. It sucks. This song and Constant Motion are the only listenable moments on that sorry excuse for an album.

How is this song so far down? Listen to the guitar, and the vocals. It sounds demonic (in a good way)

This should be top 30 at least :/

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